Hate Crimes

“Come Reason”
Newsletter of Denise Smith
Volume no. 1003-3
October 27, 2003

Hate Crimes!

This week, we have heard in the news that Canada has signed into law a bill that prohibits religious organizations, churches, or any group from preaching or teaching hatred. This is a wonderful thing that God has allowed to happen, and hopefully it will be something that the legislature of this country will follow suit with. It is time to see that liberty and justice really is for all in this country, and that one group of people whether by race or religion doesn’t have any preferencial treatment at the expense of another.

We have “hate crime” law already in place in this nation, and it’s time to enforce it . It is time for those that spread hatred and fear among people, insight riots, demonstrations, boycotts and such against any specific group of people should be stopped! Doesn’t the bible that say that all men were created in the image of God? Isn’t it the bible that says that God is the creator of all things, and that all things were created by Him and for Him? To do the will of God, and fulfill the perfect plan of God?

Well I ask you, if that’s God’s plan, and He is in full control of all things, then why is it that the church and religious organizations in this country are preaching hatred and fear among the people? Why are they telling people to stand up against other people and to fight to have their rights taken simply because they don’t agree with or support the beliefs of the church? Just this week, I heard several well known ministers on national television say that it was time to stand up and fight! That it was time for the people to take a stand against those that don’t accept Christ, and are trying to destroy those that do. I have to ask this question, “who is the God that they claim to be serving?” How can anything be separate and apart from God, or out of the control of God? If God is God, then why isn’t it God that is destroying the ones that the church is having so much trouble with? Why is it that the churches are being struck by lightning, their financial support dwindling, and their missions closing if it’s not them that God has the problem with? Ask God!

We’ve got to start thinking about what we claim to believe, and ask God about some things if we are ever going to see past the teachings and traditions of men and that which is ANTI CHRIST, and see the truth! We have been taught to be so dependent on the teachings of others and do it without question or reasoning, and look where that has taken us as a nation. The church has had preferencial treatment in deciding national leaders, television ratings, and so much more, and has used the power that they had in the “numbers” to mandate the governments support, while fostering hatred, and liberty and justice for only a few. They call it “favor of God” when it’s nothing close to favor, only bondage and intimidation. I’ve recieved petitions to sign telling the President of this nation, which is elected by the people, that unless he will sign into law specific things that the church wants, then they will see to it that he is not re-elected. I have received petitions of similiar threatening tactics over the reinstatement of prayer in school, the issue with “Roy’s Rock” only to name a few. Why? It’s simple.. the tactics of manipulation and intimidation for the benefit of a few at the expense of others.

We have seen this week the Governor of Florida interfer in the law of the land over his religious beliefs against those of others, and change the law of the state of Florida to benefit one person. Why have law, and have the vote of the people to put lawmakers in office if one man or one group is going to have the power to overthrow the law for the benefit of one person, regardless of the situation! How can we claim to be a “christian” nation and yet be so far from the teachings of Christ which is the basis for the title “christian”?

It is time for the government of the people to be the government of the people.. not just the government of a few people. It’s time for those that claim to know God, to hear HIM and to follow HIM without being influenced by the dictates of a few. It’s time to put off the titles that so many have taken to describe themselves, to group themselves with others, to exalt themselves over others, and see all people for who they are…the perfect creation of an Almighty, Supreme God! To see anyone otherwise is only to foster hate and to deny the Creator of All things you claim to know!

If you believe there is a God, and He’s the Almighty God, then Hear Him and Believe Him! Stop the spread of hatred and fear! Stop the intimidation tactics of a few and look around you. The church is the one that is fostering the separation and hatred, when it is those same people that are claiming that GOD SO LOVED THE WORLD!! It can’t be both ways… either you beleive that GOD loved the world, or He lied!


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