Q&A- Are you a sinner?

I have designated this part of the website to cover some of the questions that I’m frequently asked and the answers for them based on what I’ve come to understand..

Again, before you accept these answers as being for you, ASK GOD! Jesus’ example was that he live by what God gave him to do and what God gave him to speak. The bible states if we lack wisdom to ask God. So make sure that whatever you read here, whether you agree with it or not, that you ASK GOD!!

Q. Are you a sinner?
A. No. We have to consider where this idea originated from. Who has told any of us that we are sinners, is the real question that needs to be answered for oneself.

Christianity has convinced many that all are sinners, yet in the book of Genesis, we see where Adam listened to another voice, and did what another told him to do regarding God and that is what resulted in him being cursed and how Christianity says “sin entered the world”.

Yet Adam is shown to have been hearing from God and knew from God what it was that he was to do and not do before he encountered the other “voice” in the garden in the first place.

So one has to determine what one knows first, within himself before “hearkening to the voice of another”, and answer a few other questions before as well.

So begin by asking yourself this question? Who told you that you were a sinner in the first plac??, Man, or God?

If your answer is as mine was, man, and never God…. then we have to ask ourselves why it is that we’re “hearkening to the voice” of another in this matter and have put our trust in man rather than God?

For more on this question, see the article “Are all Men Sinners”?

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