Q&A- Is everyone saved?

Q. Is everyone saved?
A. Yes…. but this is a loaded question! 

One has to first ask some very important questions? Saved from what? Saved to what? Who needed to be saved? Most of what we’ve all been taught about these things have come from sources other than from God directly. Most have discounted what the bible says on these points as well. But here’s a few things to ask God and get answers to for yourself.

If you believe the blood of Christ covered the sins of mankind, how could it have missed anyone? If it covered you, why would God have excluded anyone if He covered yours? If you can bring yourself to believe that by one man’s act of disobedience that all was made sinners, why not believe that by one man’s act of obedience, that all have been saved? Is one man’s actions more powerful than that of Jesus Christ?
For more on this question, see the article titled  “Universal Salvation”

Then comes the question that if we need to be saved, what from? Also, if we are lost, how is that possible? If God, is as most believe, omniscient, meaning everywhere, how is it possible for anyone to be lost from God?

What could the term “lost” mean from the pages of the bible? Have we once again been taught something that the bible does not reflect?? For more on this question, see the article “Is it possible to be lost”?

So there are a lot of questions that first must be answered for oneself regarding these matters… and the answers are to come from the mouth of God, and if one lacks wisdom one is to ASK GOD…. not Denise, not anyone else… right?

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