Free Will?

Free Will??

The centuries long teachings of men is that God has given all mankind a “free will”, and that we have the opportunity to use this free will to decide what we will do, either serve God or not? But we have to see the deception in that thinking and why it’s so critical to understand and see it for what it is, deception. So let’s examine this “free will” doctrine.

First, for God to have given us a “free will” means that He would have given likewise to Adam. That Adam would have had a free will to decide to obey God or not. Was it a free will? I ask you, what was free about it? Free will gives the indication that you can make a choice that’s free. Free from consequences, or cost. Free from punishment, and free from any type of reward or reproach, so is that what God gave to Adam? Was Adam able to make a free will choice to “partake” without any cost, punishment, reproach, or consequences? I think not. The cost for the decision that Adam made was of great cost. Not only did it cost Adam his place in the garden of the provision of God, but it also cost him the close fellowship that he experienced with God. Was it a “free will”?

Secondly, for God to have given us a “free will” it would have had to include more decision power than just eternal destination. It would have had to be a “free will”, a means to decide all aspects of life, like what day we were born, whether we were born or not, who our parents are, where we were born, as well as the color of our hair, skin, and the height and weight that we would be. Those all represent having a “free will”… choices in life. Also the “free will” would have also had to include the choice to go to heaven when we want to, as well as to go to hell without any consequences. It would mean that we can choose when we leave this place, and by what means. Isn’t that what a “free will” is all about??

We can easily see that those things were not left to the discretion of any of us, and if it were, what would that say about God’s perfect plan? How could we say that God was God, and His plan is perfect if it’s contingent on the decisions of the creation, instead of the definite plan of God? How would God be God if the plan designed by Him could be influenced and changed for the whole world based on the decision of each of us? For that matter, just one of us? What impact on the perfect plan of God would it be to have one of us choose with no cost or consequence something outside of what God deemed?

Then we have to look at the examples in the bible. We see so many of them. Research them for yourself, as well as other documents about the traditions and customs of those days which clearly defines the lack of a “free will” for mankind, especially for those claiming to serve God. We see with Adam, no free will, but consequences of “thinking” that he had a free will. Then we see that offerings were given as “sin” offerings for “free will”.. or the thinking of, and use of that thinking of free will, instead of the will of God. Then we see Jesus, saying, “not my will, but thy will be done”, “thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven” and Mary saying, “be it unto me according to your will”. Clear examples to name only a few of the fact that God doesn’t allow mankind a “free will”. Nothing in life is “free” and that comes directly from God. How could we say that God is our Lord, and yet we have a choice not to do what He directs? Doesn’t that make Him no God at all?

Yet then comes the final consideration. If God gave mankind a “free will” then how is it that anyone could believe that God would give man a “free will” to decide, then punish the man by sending him to hell for not choosing correctly. We see the words of God to men in the bible.. “choose this day whom you will serve” and most people have claimed that to be an “option” or a “free will” choice… but look closely at it… it’s not an option.. it is a command of God!! As is the words of Jesus, “I have set before you life and death, choose life”.. no option.. a direct command. Not your will but the directive of God! Men have taught that God gave us a “free will” to choose as a means to justify mankind as having some value separate and apart from God, but how can that be? Why would an Almighty God, creator of all things need to give a “free will” to what He created, without first declaring by doing so that He’s no God at all? The basis for the “free will” doctrine is in direct opposition to the attributes of the Almighty!

Did God give man a “free will”? I think it’s clear to see that the answer is no. Did God give man a will? Sure, we are created in the image and likeness of God, and God has a will also! God’s will is the way it is to be done on earth as it is in heaven. If you want any part of heaven the requirement is simple, “not my will but thine be done”! If you want to have “hell” on earth, and never enjoy the benefits of life, then do your will… fight against the will of God.. the one that you claim is Supreme, Almighty, and All Powerful! Try it and see just how far you get! You will see clearly and precisely that you don’t have a free will, it will cost you greatly…. there are many words recorded in the bible that makes that abundantly clear… like “woe to the rebellious children who take counsel but not of God, who add sin upon sin”…”let those people alone, for if their counsel is not of God, they will fail, but if their counsel be of God, you will find yourself fighting against God himself”, as many others recorded in the bible during their lives. So I ask you, how can you claim that God is God, that His will is perfect, and yet claim you have a “free will” to decide anything that would change all of that? To even think that there is a “free will” given of God to man, is to make God no god at all! Think about it.. and Ask God! Ask him a simple question, “Did you give me a free will that I can choose whatever I want, and there will be no cost or consequences?”. If there had been a “free will given to man of God”.. then there would have been no need for sin offerings… and never for a sacrificial lamb … Jesus Christ… for there would have been no wages of sin… and nothing for Jesus to have been sent for!!

Ask God!! Hear Him.. and not the traditions and teachings of men that make God.. no God! “Not my will but thine be done”… Jesus’ words.. the very ensample of God!

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