Q&A: Journey through Christianity to Christ…

Q:  Why do you refer to this as a journey through Christianity to Christ?

A:  Great question…so let me explain!

As many of us born in the USA and in various parts of the world, we’ve had Christianity, in its various doctrines and denominations influence a great deal of our lives, even without knowing or understanding many times the degree to which it has done so.

We can all read about the history of how Christianity began… see how often times it was a mandated belief or what one was forced to adhere to, rather than the “free will choice” that many hear about it being today.

Yet for me, I wasn’t introduce to “Christianity” and didn’t know a lot about it until I was about 9 years old.  I had friends that went to church on a regular basis and I had been a few times myself.. but it wasn’t a regular practice of our family to attend church… and surely wasn’t a practice I ever seen my Dad practice.

So it was my journey through that time in my life… through the introduction and participation in Christianity that I came to realize not only how far Christianity had moved away from what the bible stated that a “Christian” was… but how far away from those very teachings within the pages of my own bible, that I too had been, even without realizing it, been separated from God, the tree of life that I had free access to from my own beginning.

It was in returning to what I had known to do from my beginning… what had led me and guided me well before I ever heard from anyone else about God, Christ, or Christianity that I had to get back to…. because I had, without realizing it, “hearkened to the voice of another” who was not God in my own life….

So my journey through Christianity to Christ. as I call it is what took place… that did “reconcile me unto God”… to that which had been with me from my beginning… that had led me and guided me, and taught me what it was that I was to do and not to do, before I ‘hearkened to the voice of another’ who was not God…. that had caused me to separate myself from God…. as the bible illustrates happened with those in the beginning.

It is as I’ve shared many times over the years…. once you travel down a road… and you realize that you’re going in the wrong direction…. you have to turn around and go back the same way you came often times so that you can see where it was that you made the wrong turn… and so as not to repeat that again if you should ever be on that road again.  That is why I refer to this as the journey through Christianity to Christ…. because as I ventured down the road in Christianity…. realizing it wasn’t to be the path that I or anyone else was to be on, according to the opening pages of my own bible…. the journey included doing the same things that were done by Christ in those very pages to be “reconciled by God”…. ergo my journey through Christianity to Christ for reconciliation unto God!!

To that which I had with me and within me (God)  from my beginning… that had never left me nor forsaken me…. that I had “hearkened to the voice of another” about and in doing so… had caused an issue for myself between myself and God (that which is within me)… and I had to be the one to also reverse that process to correct it… with the understanding and knowledge of what had resulted in my life by doing so… so that I would never repeat that again!!

The first commandment with promise given by God to man was “thou shalt not” partake of the knowledge of good and evil from any other source… it was always to come from “within” (God) and what it is that we know we are to do…. or not to do… and to go against it… is always going to be what will cause issues within us….. It wasn’t to be so from our beginning!!  ♥



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