If you love me keep my commandments….

We’ve all heard and read countless times where Jesus is recorded to have said to His disciples… “if you love me keep my commandments”… and so often time, so many see the commandments Jesus is referring to, what God is said to have given Jesus to speak, (according to Jesus) as being the same listing of commandments that Moses gave… however… is that the case?

When we carefully examine what it is that is in the pages of the bible, that Jesus said God gave him to speak, we see that they are much different and even stated to be given for a different reason as well.

Jesus Himself is recorded to have said that those that believed Him and kept those words, would be the ones that would know if they were said by God to Him or not…. but would also be the means by which one was to have “eternal life”.

Now before we go any further here we have to consider what it was that Jesus is also recorded to have said that “eternal life” was.  It is not about living forever in heaven.  It is not about living forever in any form or fashion… well not according to Jesus and what is in the pages of our own bibles.

Life eternal, eternal life, everlasting life according to Jesus in John 17:3 is to KNOW GOD.  To know if what Jesus said is from God.  To KNOW THE ONE TRUE GOD and Jesus Christ whom He sent.  (So before you go any further here, visit the bible for yourself, no matter whether believer or not… and see what it states for itself.. not what you’ve heard a million times over or what someone else who is not Jesus has said about it for yourself)

Now that we’ve got that out-of-the-way… let’s take a careful look at what it is that Jesus actually is shown to have said in the pages of the bible.  In most bibles they are written in red, leaping from the pages so as not to be missed or ignored…. so let’s take a careful look at them and see what they actually do say and why it is that Jesus says that it is in the keeping of HIS WORDS that one has “eternal life”…that one has the Father and Jesus come make their abode with the one keeping them… and that those that love him will keep them as well.

So before you assume, that the commandments of Jesus Christ in the pages of our bibles are the same ones that Moses gave to those in the wilderness that had been lead out of Egypt check it out for yourself from a copy of the bible for yourself.

Next check out what commandments Jesus gave regarding what one had to do to be a disciple of His.  See where it states that Jesus said that those that come to Him were chosen, and see what they did when they were called by Him to come.

Then move right on over to the parts where Jesus gave those disciples those instructions and see what it was that he told them.  See where he told them that they were to forsake all, that God knew what they had need of it and that it would be God that would provide it… and then sent them out without any provisions to find out if those words were true for themselves or not.

See where Jesus told His disciples to pray in secret with the door closed and that when they did so that the Father would reward them openly.  Now I don’t know about you… but I’m sure that one would come to know whether or not God spoke those words to Jesus Christ and if God would keep them or not when one forsakes all that one has, and talks to God in secret (to just name a few things) to see if God would reward them openly for doing so… right?

Can you see now why it is that some turned from Jesus in the pages of the bible?  Can you imagine for a moment not knowing God or the power of God and having God tell you to sell all you had and to trust Him totally to teach you, lead you and guide you and give you all the provisions that you have need of??  Can you see how few it is that Jesus said would do so…. and yet …. His words and the keeping of them… was not only to be done by those that love him… but were done and the means (according to Jesus) how one could find out for himself/herself whether or not those were the words of GOD or not… and KNOW GOD for themselves… that had never known Him!!

So as Peter in the pages of the bible state, Jesus had the words of eternal life… Jesus is recorded to have had the words to know GOD… to find KNOW GOD for oneself… to see for oneself the level of trust and love of God one really knew through a direct and personal interaction with God…. so that when God said to them… “forsake it all” and “HEAR HIM” to the one that you hear God tell you is HIS SON in whom GOD is WELL PLEASED…. will do so!

So the question to be asked is…. do we really believe the words in the pages of the bible are those God really gave to Christ for Him to speak?  How are we to know if they are…. unless one keeps them and follows them as they are written?  Isn’t that what Jesus said is the way to know if the words that He gave were from God or not?

These are the real hard questions that one has to ask himself/herself given what it is that is stated in the pages of the bible by the one that so many say they believe to be the Son of God, the Christ of God, the Saviour of the world, even God Himself according to some.. but how are we to know GOD… unless we hear and obey and see HIM confirm HIS words for ourselves?

Eternal life is all about “KNOWING GOD”…. and that will always begin with hearing what it is that is within you… that you say you believe yourself… and following it!!

So be encouraged to hear God, to read carefully what the bible has been telling us all for so long now, that Jesus said and more importantly what it is that Jesus said in those pages that keeping HIS commandments… and HIS words would provide… “eternal life”… “knowing the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He sent”…


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