So few trust what Jesus said in the pages of the bible…

One of the most profound things that I realized along this journey, even from its beginning, is how little of the words in the bible that most people really trust themselves.  There are a lot of people who claim the bible to be the written words of God… that say that Jesus was the Word that was made flesh, that they believe the bible is a true and accurate account of the words of God, and yet when we carefully look at what the bible records that God gave to Jesus to be spoken, we see a much different picture emerge.  We don’t see the “fruits” per se of what the bible actually states Jesus said being followed and kept by those that say they love Him.

So we have to honestly ask ourselves…. what does one make of a person that would say on one hand all those things we so often hear about Jesus and God and the bible… and then know what the bible says ourselves on those points… and see that we’re not following them… nor are those that claim to believe they are the words of God to His Christ following them.

This was a very difficult thing for me personally to realize.  I too, like most people have done because it’s what one does.. and one often times is required to do to be a part of “Christianity”…. said that the bible is the word of God, and that Jesus is the Son of God, and yet when I sat there face to face with the words of Jesus Christ… able to read them for myself… and seen the pastor of my church teaching against them…. and realizing that I too had lived so much of my life against them…. it wasn’t another person that was being exposed in their hypocrisy to those words and the claims made about them…. it was me, exposing myself, and my own hypocrisy!

Hypocrisy was simple.. it is what one claims for oneself or about oneself and then doesn’t do or live by.  We as a society have always been appalled at those that are hypocrites… those that claim to love us while hurting us… those that claim they can or will do something and then don’t.. or won’t… but the key point of hypocrisy begins with what it is that we “claim” first… what “worship with our lips” that we’re doing… and how far from our own hearts we are from it.

The bible and many other teachings have shared with us for a very long time that as a person thinks in their own hearts, so shall they be.  So when we look to what it is that we’re all “being”… we can see what it is that one thinks in his own heart as well. We can see whether we are being true to ourselves…. or are living a delusion… within ourselves and exposing ourselves to the world in doing so.

Jesus is shown in the pages of the bible to have told his disciples… “judge not”… and so many people seem not to realize what profound understanding came in those two words, as well as so much of the other passages that we find in the bible, and in so many other writings as well.

“Judge not” echoes the same thing “as a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be”… so we don’t have to judge anyone…. nor ourselves… we expose ourselves to ourselves.. and we expose ourselves to others each time that we are not living an authentic life from within ourselves.  Each time we make a claim about something… and are not walking in it ourselves… then we expose ourselves… we don’t have to have someone else judge us… or tell us about it… we KNOW that from within ourselves as well.  Don’t we???

Yet so often when we come to these great realizations… when our eyes are opened to so many of these things…. we want to call them “mistakes” or “sins” and yet are they?  I’ll share a bit more on that point in an upcoming article… that too was an “eye opener” as well…  but for now… let’s focus on what points out how it is that so few trust what is in the bible…. not because they claim they trust it…. not because they say so many things about it…. but because if one does trust what it states.. what it states that the Son of God, the Christ of God said God gave him to speak…. that as so many have said that God has had a personal hand in getting to us today to know ….. then wouldn’t as one thinketh in his heart so shall he be?  If one thinks in his heart those are the words of God to Christ… then wouldn’t one be following them and disciplining his own life according to them??

Sure they would… and when we’re not… then can we really delude ourselves or anyone else by claiming to believe them to be all those things when we are ourselves not following them?

Even Jesus in the pages of the bible states that one is able to find out if the words that He said God gave him to speak were from God or not by doing them.  That is how one finds out if the words in the bible are able to be trusted…. it’s not because someone else has told you those words are the words of God, or that they have to be claimed to be so… it is in the following of them that one comes to know God and to know if they are from God or spoken by God, for it will be GOD that will confirm them… as well as help you to reconcile yourself to what it is that you truly do believe within you…. to that authentic being within… so that you too may know the one true God…. (eternal life according to Jesus).

So I’d encourage each of you reading this blog to read the bible for yourself.  Get yourself a red-letter edition of the bible so that the words of Jesus Christ leap from the pages so as not to miss them or ignore them… and see for yourself what it is that Jesus Christ is recorded to have said that God said to Him was to be done by those that were called to be His disciple…. and what Jesus said that those that love him would do themselves…. whether you’re a professed believer in the bible, God and Jesus or not…. you will be able to see for yourself what is recorded in the “written word of God” and whether you trust them yourself…. or don’t!

But you will also be able to see how it is that compared to what those words say…. that so few trust what is in the pages of the bible…. and how far it is that so many of us have been taught or convinced to reject them and not follow them…. and in doing so have exposed our own hypocrisy!!

Matthew 7:14: “Because strait [is] the gate, and narrow [is] the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.”

Rev. 22:14: “Blessed [are] they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.”




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