Put not your confidence in any man….

Have you ever taken a moment to just consider and think about this passage that we find in the pages of the bible?  Have you ever considered that it was when Adam put confidence in what someone else said about what God knew or God said, or what would make one more like God, that he had put his confidence in man?

Have you ever considered the level or degree that we all put confidence in man…. rather than in what it is that is within us?

This is a point that I’d like to share with you to help us all to see not only the level of confidence that we’ve put in others, rather than what is within us… and that in doing so this is how the “beguilement” or “deception” began as illustrated in the bible.

I personally had not considered this even myself until many years ago when reading the bible, and came across the passage that not only said this but the following as well…

Psalms 146:3 – “Put not your trust in princes, [nor] in the son of man, in whom [there is] no help.”

Now like most that are part of Christianity, we’ve heard Jesus referred to as the Prince of Peace, and have read about the son of man referenced by Jesus and yet this passage says put not your trust in either in whom there is no help.

So again, there are things that have been right there in the pages of the bible for us all to read that share with us that our confidence and trust is not to be in any man… and yet isn’t that where its been in about everything in our lives?

When we were born, our trust was not in man to learn or to gain wisdom and understanding, it came from within us.. through the using of the abilities that were given to us and that developed without our doing anything.  Yet there came a time that we began to be taught to put our trust and confidence in man (others) rather than what was within us… and “hearken to their voices” and yet again in the opening pages of the bible is a “lesson/message” against doing so… because it is the means by which one looses or lost his intimate and personal relationship with God.

Yet do you ever think about what you know about God, Jesus or the bible?  Where did it come from?  Isn’t all that we know of God, Jesus and the bible, what we have heard from another, or what it is that we’ve read that another has written?  Haven’t we even in matters pertaining to God and the bible put our confidence and trust in man there as well?

When we carefully examine the source of so much that we say we “know”… or believe to be so… isn’t it the result of having put our confidence in some manner in man or in others?  Yet isn’t that the very thing that we’re all taught in the bible, and in other teachings as well not to do…. that it is to come from within us… it is to be heard and learned from God… that it is God that is to direct each step we take and our trust and confidence is to be totally and completely with God and that which is within us??

One of the beautiful and very profound things I came to realize about the teachings of Jesus Christ in the bible, is that His commandments and teachings turn a person from the tradition of having trust and confidence in man, in writings and in the traditions what were their custom and means, to the “kingdom of God is within you”.

They provided a way for man to be “reconciled unto God” that had through having hearkened to the voice of another, and taken what another said to him who was not God and had been faithful to keep it.. and yet was now being turned from the method of hearing from another to hearing what it was that was within him… what came to each from within them… and that was what they were to live by …. “every word that proceeded from the mouth of God”.

But isn’t that where we came from in our own beginning?  Wasn’t it from what we knew within us that we learned from and gained understanding from?  Wasn’t it through the abilities within each of us to think, reason, explore, experience that we gained wisdom and understanding?

Wasn’t it only when we no longer used those very abilities or turn from the use of them, to put our trust and confidence in another, that we would be in need of “reconciliation” unto God, and those abilities that we have within for learning and gaining understanding??

So would it be only those that put their confidence in others… that have put their trust in others about matters pertaining to God, Jesus, the bible, and so many other aspects of life be the only ones that would have need to be “reconciled unto God” or to be taught to return to being led and guided in every moment of our being by what it is that is “within”??  Or have we as a culture and society had this very thing become a tradition and a way of life to the point that all have and thus would need to be “reconciled unto God”… or to “return to that which is within” and put one’s trust and confidence once again completely and totally to the “kingdom of God” that is within you?

So my encouragement to each of you today is to consider for a moment the level of confidence and trust that we’ve put in man… about God… about what God would have us to do.. what it is that God knows….about the bible… about beliefs, religions, philosophies, all of it…. and realize that as a small child, from your beginning…. is that how you lived and learned and came to understand things??  Be encouraged today to return to your own beginning…. listen to what it is that is within you…. learn once again to trust that which is within you… that which is written on your own heart and on your own mind… what you have learned through your own experiences…. what you have come to understand from doing what it is that you’ve been lead and given to do from within you…. and the number of times that we’ve not followed that “intuition” that does come from within…. and should have!

See for yourself the beauty and profound message of the opening pages of the bible to us all… that it is when you turn from what is within you…. and hearken to the voice of another… and follow another rather than what you know for yourself from within you… that is where you bring a lot of misery into your own life in doing so.

Trust what is within you… Trust God… put not your confidence in any man… all that you have need of is within you!!  ♥

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