I’ve been enjoying discussions across various social networks over the years about 11:11 and also about 33.  This article is one of the better ones that I’ve read about this so I’d like to share it with those of you visiting here.

Click here to visit the 11:11 Article by Steve Pavlina

So much of what Steve shares in this article echoes my own experiences with 11:11 as well as with the number 33, yet what was so amazing to me was that the recurrence of this happening, like Steve explains became something that I could not escape…. I couldn’t look away, not to see them, they were persistent.  Being a person that always asks questions, (why is one of my favorite words and one that my Mom was sure was the first word I ever spoke LOL)….. that is how I responded to seeing both 33’s and 11:11 as well.

What I soon realized, as with the teachings of Jesus in the pages of the Bible, “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”… it wasn’t about having to find the truth… or seek the truth…. it was about putting off the obstacles in the way of “knowing” the truth that was within me from my beginning…. and how determined and persistent the awakening/enlightenment is so that “ye shall know the truth”.

So enjoy the article and share with me any comments or questions you have as always!!


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Religious Freedom…..


Let’s give this some thought today!

We say it’s not what a person believes himself/herself but is that the case? If the person believes that they are to determine what we are to do or not to do based on their “beliefs” and try to impose them on others…. then it would matter what another believes… right?

Or if what one believes another should believe goes from “should” believe to forced or mandated “must” believe… then there is a problem.

From the opening pages of the Bible, it states God created all that was, blessed it Himself and spoke to each thing created, giving them instructions on what they were to do or not to do Himself directly.

It was only man who God commanded, not to partake of the knowledge of good and evil from another, for it was to come from within the man, utilizing the abilities and capabilities put within the man, as with all other things created.

When we see the bible record, that after all else was made, and God saying, “let us make man in our image and after our likeness”.. we can see that like all things created before man… the abilities, capabilities, and knowing for what was to lead them, guide them, teach them, and protect them was WITHIN each species… as it is with us…

A very profound message/lesson is found in the opening pages of the bible… all that we were to ever know about God, what God knows, what God would have us to do or not to do…. was to come from God and what is within us!!

Flesh and blood was not to reveal any of this to us… it was always within us… from our beginning…. and that is the true and wonderful concept of religious freedom… “they all shall be taught by God”… “man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”…  that which is within us and the amazing wonderful abilities and capabilities that are with us and within us from our beginning !!!

“I will never leave you nor forsake you”…. “the kingdom of God (all that you will ever have need of) is WITHIN you!!

Within each of us…from our beginning…. that will never leave us nor forsake each of us…. now that is religious freedom!! ♥♥

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How is it that words wound and hurt us???

This week in a discussion group on Linked In, a member posted a blog titled “Being Gay isn’t Natural-Is it true?” along with a video of a gay man involved in doing “The Work” of discovering what is true and natural and what basis it was that so much of his understanding and perceptions had come from.  (if you’re interested in seeing the video, here is a link to it:  “Being Gay Isn’t Natural-Is it true?

However what I’d like to share with you is a very profound event that took place after this video was posted and the comments that I shared with Miriam who shared the video regarding how it is that words wound and hurt us so often.

What happened when the blog title was seen was that “first responders” jumped in.  I say “first responders” meaning those that seen the words in the title, reacted to the words or terms in the title and their own perception of those words and began sharing their comments from their perception of the title and words in it… without seeing even that there was a “question mark” at the end … that it was asking a question… not making a statement.  (Boy, how many times have we each done that?  LOL)

Next, there came those that were “second responders”, meaning those that responded to the responses of the “first responders” and what they said … and then there were the responses of those that actually watched the videos and seen that it was not an exercise in the attempts to determine if being gay was natural …. but in how words wound us and hurt us and how it is our own perception of words that we believe when we hear them that alters our lives and will do so until we see them for what they are…. “words”!!

If you’d like to read the entire discussion in the Linked In group… here is a link to that as well.  “Linked In Group- “Spirituality and Consciousness”.

You will see the following words that I posted there as well… but this is what I’d like to share with you today…. “How is it that words wound and hurt us”….

As the video shows, this young man, took words from someone else about himself and believed them to be true simply because he heard them and believed them to be true.  The bible illustrates this also happening with Adam in the beginning.  There was no one there hold a gun to his head telling him “you must believe what I am saying to you and live accordingly”.. when Adam “hearkened to the voice of another” and took those words and believed them and acted upon them.

It was when Adam did so though that his entire life changed.  His view of himself changed, his actions were based on that new view of himself and the view that he had of his wife changed as well, as the bible illustrates.

Before Adam did this, he was naked and not ashamed.  His wife was naked and not ashamed as well and they were not hiding themselves from either themselves or God… they were freely partaking of all the provisions available to them… they were having life and having it abundantly, until they took the words of someone else, and believed them and acted upon WORDS!

Here is my response in the group discussion…

Yes, Miriam, I understand… the old saying that we repeated so often as children is that “sticks and stones can break our bones but words will never harm us”… and yet that is right the opposite so many times.

So yes, we have to realize for ourselves the impact that we allow the words of another or even thoughts created in our minds as a result of those words impact us and can for a very long time if we take them personally.

Another point that I agree with is Ruiz’ instruction not to take things personally….but that goes both directions. What I mean by this is that so often as we’ve seen here… the words of another are taken to a person and cause them issues when that was never the intention or purpose in sharing them.

We cannot live our lives and share whatever it is that is on our own hearts with the intention of helping and healing with the concern of how it will be perceived by another… because as you know the most well-meaning words can be misinterpreted and wound…. because it is always going to be based on the perception of the “hearer”… which is something that we all have to learn as well.

What I’ve also realized is that when I am “wounded” by the words of another…. that it does not and will not happen to me unless I take those words into myself and believe them to be so…. and let additional thoughts and concepts be created in my thinking, as we seen in the video that you shared.

When we sense “wounds” or “hurt” from words… it is to point out to us how it is that we are allowing the power of words of another to be believed within us… so that we address them within ourselves and analyze why they are having the power over us that they are…. its to help us … not harm us… no matter who the “messenger” is… and that is one very amazing thing to consider as is illustrated in the video that you shared!

So again thank you for sharing it and let us all be reminded that it is the perception that we are hearing something in and how we are taking it into ourselves and believing it that will wound us and cause us harm…. for stick and stones are what will break our bones… but words should never harm us!! ♥♥

So what I’d like to encourage each of you reading this blog to do today is to take a few minutes and write down every word that you can remember from your childhood that someone else has said about you or to you, that has hurt you or caused you to be wounded in some way.  You can even write beside them the name of the person that said them, if you can remember…. or the situation that you were in at that time when they were said … whatever it is that you can remember about them when you first heard them.

Now, I want you to look at them carefully…. and see if in fact they are true?  Are they what you know about yourself and are they the opinion that you have within your own heart about yourself?

Next, I want you to realize that you, like so many of us, have to first believe those words for them to have any impact in your life.  For you to believe them, you have to believe them to be true, and if you did that without first analyzing them seeing if they were true in the moment in which you have said them….. then what you have done, again as many of us have in the past, is to believe “words” rather than evidence.

You have chosen to believe something said in “words” when the evidence of your own life and who you are as a person did not SUPPORT their claim about you and you did not really believe them to be true… yet you took them and chose to believe them despite all the evidence against them in that very moment.

Now, ask yourself why you did that?  Be honest!! Why did you let the opinion of another person, no matter who they were or what situation you were in, cause you to believe something about yourself or your situation simply because they said it??  Why have you seen yourself through their eyes and their opinions because of their words all this time.. .rather than the evidence that you know of yourself, from within yourself??

Those are their opinions…. and we all know what they say about opinions.. right?  They are like armpits… most everyone has at least two of them… and some stink a lot more than others… but none the less most will stink at some point or the other… right… so who in their right mind would want to believe the view or opinion of an “armpit”?  LOL

Heck, even if you tell me that my armpits stink, I’m going to check it out for myself before I run off and take a shower and put on deodorant.. right?  Wouldn’t you??  Sure you would… so why is it that we will do that in our lives about “armpits”… and yet not about everything else ??

Words that wound and hurt us are signals… they are signs along the highway that remind us that we’re taking some stinking armpits opinion and view of ourselves and our situation without having checked it out first for ourselves.  They are the means by which we see the degree in our lives and patterning of our living that we are allowing another to have power and control over us and what we know in!

So take a look at each of those words in the listing that you prepared earlier…. check out them out for yourself.  If they are true and you know them to be true… you can deal with them accordingly.  If they are not, AFTER you have checked them out… ask yourself why did you ever believe them in the first place?  Figure out what it is within you that caused you to believe them as if they were true and to have lived your life up to this point based on those words, without checking them out for yourself…. and before considering the evidence right in front of you about yourself that you KNEW when you heard them.

For as soon as we can all realize that the views and opinions of another are not true and do not have to be believed in and impacting our lives simply because they are said in “words” then we won’t be wounded or hurt by them again…. and won’t find ourselves living by what someone else has said about us or to us for years and years without realizing that had we not FIRST BELIEVED them ourselves…… then “words will never hurt us”!!

Have a wonderful day and remember… check those armpits !!!  ♥♥



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Facebook Group- Written N Red

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve also started a group on Facebook called Written N Red, if you’re a member of Facebook already and would like to participate in the group.

Written N Red Group on Facebook Click Here!

Currently the group is a closed one, meaning that it can be seen, and the members can be seen by others, but the posts, comments are only available to be seen by the members.  This can be changed later, so that we can have more personal discussions, as we’ve shared in Chat sessions in the past, as more join the group.

Please also remember that I am still available to chat with you through IM or email if you prefer to do so…  know what it is that works best for you… and do that!!  ♥♥

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“Revolution”… Jesus’ mission ??

Today, I seen this picture posted by “Exposing the Truth”  on Facebook, that spoke volumes to me of what the mission of Jesus was all about, outlined in the pages of the bible.  Take a look at it for a moment ….


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow”.. and God, recorded in the bible to have commanded man to “Hear Him” regarding Jesus, but often times I don’t think that most consider what it is that Jesus’ mission was…. I know that I didn’t, and most assuredly not when I was involved in Christianity.

See the people who Jesus said those words to and called to come to Him were those that were the “sheep” meaning that they had followed, like many of us, what others around us do, or we were taught by others that we were to do to be a part of the “flock”.

They were keeping traditions and customs, following commandments that had been given to them through oral traditions and writings from a “flesh” being Moses, and claiming themselves to be “sheep”, and yet some of them were not lifting a finger to do what it was that they knew they were to do…. while putting heavy burdens on others, to be a part of the “flock”.

So Jesus comes and what is it that Jesus is recorded to have told those that come to Him to be His disciple?  They have to “forsake it all”… they have to hate mother, brother, sister, spouse, even their own lives to be His disciple.

Harsh sounding isn’t it… but when you have your entire life surrounded by and conditioned by being a “sheep” or doing as everyone else thinks you should, tells you that you have to, etc…. then that is the first and foremost way to be “set free” or to begin to “know the truth that will make you free”.

Then we see Jesus telling His disciples to take responsibility for their own actions…. to pluck out their eye if it causes them offense, to cut off their hand….the idea of blaming their actions on another… or waiting for someone else to do it for them was over.  The power to do so was with man on earth as Jesus taught and it was time for them to realize that and start doing so to be His disciple.

Then we see Jesus telling them not to follow what had been their traditions… but when you pray, go to your secret place, shut the door and pray to the Father in secret…. stop giving to other people so that they can give back to you or expecting that if you give to them… they should.  Stop giving so that you are seen of men… let no one know what you’re doing… but do it none the less.

Then what?  Jesus is recorded to have said that those that keep His commandments that He will manifest Himself to them, and that the Father and He will come to the one doing so and make their abode with the one doing so… and that the “kingdom of God is within you”…. as well as that man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God to him… that God knows what ye have need of BEFORE you ask and also teaches His disciples that as the birds of the air have been provided for… and the lilies of the field… the same provisions are within them…. so there is nothing lacking… nothing missing!

No more blaming the devil or demons… the power to cast them out was given.  No more waiting on someone else to do something for you…. you have the power to do it for yourself and its up to you to do so.  So there was a “revolution” in actions and in thinking that took place…. that was commanded to be followed to “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

This is the very thing that was “hidden from them from their beginning” that Jesus was revealing to them… so that they too would abide in Him as He did with the Father, and that one would be as His Master is…. Jesus was one with the Father… saying where you seen Him, one had seen the Father….

His teachings and commandments show taking a person from being a “sheep” to standing upright and doing what it is that is within one that is to be done… to using the abilities that we are each given within us to reason, think, explore, imagine, as well as follow our own hearts, what is written on them, and in our own minds…. not follow ANOTHER!

Jesus’ mission was to “let go the captives”… to share the “way” for the “sheep” to be set free … to know the truth… the very truth would make them free according to Jesus…. not to follow another… not to be a “sheep” to another shepherd…because as Jesus said… one cannot serve two masters…

So I’d encourage anyone reading this to go back and carefully examine what the record of the bible is on the teachings and commandments of Jesus.  Pay careful attention to who it was that He spoke what to… and also pay careful attention to who it was that He called to come to Him… and who came and were set free from the traditions of men and the doctrines of men. … to be hearing from God, that which is within, learning from and being taught by God, (that which is within you.. what is written on your own heart and mind) ….  NOT to follow another and return to being a “sheep”!!

Let’s remember that the bible has also been telling us all for a very long time now that the issues that were created in man’s life from the beginning was the direct result of having “hearkened to the voice of another”  regarding what God knows, what God said, or what God didn’t say….. and followed another!

So have a wonderful day …. ♥

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Put not your confidence in any man….

Have you ever taken a moment to just consider and think about this passage that we find in the pages of the bible?  Have you ever considered that it was when Adam put confidence in what someone else said about what God knew or God said, or what would make one more like God, that he had put his confidence in man?

Have you ever considered the level or degree that we all put confidence in man…. rather than in what it is that is within us?

This is a point that I’d like to share with you to help us all to see not only the level of confidence that we’ve put in others, rather than what is within us… and that in doing so this is how the “beguilement” or “deception” began as illustrated in the bible.

I personally had not considered this even myself until many years ago when reading the bible, and came across the passage that not only said this but the following as well…

Psalms 146:3 – “Put not your trust in princes, [nor] in the son of man, in whom [there is] no help.”

Now like most that are part of Christianity, we’ve heard Jesus referred to as the Prince of Peace, and have read about the son of man referenced by Jesus and yet this passage says put not your trust in either in whom there is no help.

So again, there are things that have been right there in the pages of the bible for us all to read that share with us that our confidence and trust is not to be in any man… and yet isn’t that where its been in about everything in our lives?

When we were born, our trust was not in man to learn or to gain wisdom and understanding, it came from within us.. through the using of the abilities that were given to us and that developed without our doing anything.  Yet there came a time that we began to be taught to put our trust and confidence in man (others) rather than what was within us… and “hearken to their voices” and yet again in the opening pages of the bible is a “lesson/message” against doing so… because it is the means by which one looses or lost his intimate and personal relationship with God.

Yet do you ever think about what you know about God, Jesus or the bible?  Where did it come from?  Isn’t all that we know of God, Jesus and the bible, what we have heard from another, or what it is that we’ve read that another has written?  Haven’t we even in matters pertaining to God and the bible put our confidence and trust in man there as well?

When we carefully examine the source of so much that we say we “know”… or believe to be so… isn’t it the result of having put our confidence in some manner in man or in others?  Yet isn’t that the very thing that we’re all taught in the bible, and in other teachings as well not to do…. that it is to come from within us… it is to be heard and learned from God… that it is God that is to direct each step we take and our trust and confidence is to be totally and completely with God and that which is within us??

One of the beautiful and very profound things I came to realize about the teachings of Jesus Christ in the bible, is that His commandments and teachings turn a person from the tradition of having trust and confidence in man, in writings and in the traditions what were their custom and means, to the “kingdom of God is within you”.

They provided a way for man to be “reconciled unto God” that had through having hearkened to the voice of another, and taken what another said to him who was not God and had been faithful to keep it.. and yet was now being turned from the method of hearing from another to hearing what it was that was within him… what came to each from within them… and that was what they were to live by …. “every word that proceeded from the mouth of God”.

But isn’t that where we came from in our own beginning?  Wasn’t it from what we knew within us that we learned from and gained understanding from?  Wasn’t it through the abilities within each of us to think, reason, explore, experience that we gained wisdom and understanding?

Wasn’t it only when we no longer used those very abilities or turn from the use of them, to put our trust and confidence in another, that we would be in need of “reconciliation” unto God, and those abilities that we have within for learning and gaining understanding??

So would it be only those that put their confidence in others… that have put their trust in others about matters pertaining to God, Jesus, the bible, and so many other aspects of life be the only ones that would have need to be “reconciled unto God” or to be taught to return to being led and guided in every moment of our being by what it is that is “within”??  Or have we as a culture and society had this very thing become a tradition and a way of life to the point that all have and thus would need to be “reconciled unto God”… or to “return to that which is within” and put one’s trust and confidence once again completely and totally to the “kingdom of God” that is within you?

So my encouragement to each of you today is to consider for a moment the level of confidence and trust that we’ve put in man… about God… about what God would have us to do.. what it is that God knows….about the bible… about beliefs, religions, philosophies, all of it…. and realize that as a small child, from your beginning…. is that how you lived and learned and came to understand things??  Be encouraged today to return to your own beginning…. listen to what it is that is within you…. learn once again to trust that which is within you… that which is written on your own heart and on your own mind… what you have learned through your own experiences…. what you have come to understand from doing what it is that you’ve been lead and given to do from within you…. and the number of times that we’ve not followed that “intuition” that does come from within…. and should have!

See for yourself the beauty and profound message of the opening pages of the bible to us all… that it is when you turn from what is within you…. and hearken to the voice of another… and follow another rather than what you know for yourself from within you… that is where you bring a lot of misery into your own life in doing so.

Trust what is within you… Trust God… put not your confidence in any man… all that you have need of is within you!!  ♥

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Sharing Buddhist Quotes and Teachings…

As many of you know, I share quotes from other philosophies and religions, including Buddhist ones.  I was asked about why I do that especially given that this blog and so much of what I’ve shared is about my journey through Christianity to Christ…. so since I get that question asked often I decided to share a recent response here.

My response is below….

As for the Buddha quotes and Buddhism… there is a great amount of wisdom that is spoken and shared in Buddhism as there is in many various teachings and writings we’ve had throughout history.  I think that often times most people look more to the identity or identifying with the “messenger” than the message …. the “flesh” of it rather than the Spirit… and discount a lot of things that directs us back to that which is within us… to what it is that is written in our own hearts and on our own minds…. and living according to that which is within us.

One of the things that I was taught by God is just as Jesus said… that it is God that knows what each has need of before they ask and does provide it.  As I know that God can speak and reveal things to people through various means…. as we see illustrated in the bible… some through talking donkey’s, some through burning bushes, some through angels, or dreams, visions, etc….. that when we understand that…. there isn’t any way to discount what ever means that the Spirit sees fit to lead a person or give to them whatever it is that they have need of….

Have you ever studied any of the words that are recorded to have been spoken by Buddha?  Do you know that as with Jesus, he never penned anything directly himself… what we have of his words are the same as with Jesus.. what others heard and seen and wrote down to preserve for others to read and know.

One of the points that God made clear to me many years ago was that I was not to discount something that He had not directed me to discount… or that someone else who was not Him said that I should… that there was no way for me to have my total and complete trust in Him in all things… if I was trying to do what someone else said that I should… or shouldn’t!

From my early childhood that has been the way of living for me…. so even though during my time in “Christianity” and seeing so much of what was said there was not put into practice and was actually against so many of the teachings, it is was also that I found the same to be true of Buddhism, Hinduism, and just about every other religion or philosophy as well.

That as with Christianity, most turn from it and don’t want any part of it over what someone else has said about it… or claimed to be part of it and their actions… not as a result of knowing first hand what the teachings are… and what it is that the “teacher” of them has said or did…. but more so about what the actions of those are that claim to be “followers” of the religion or philosophy.

So I have a lot of friends that call themselves Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, Wiccan, Pagan, Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, as well as “none of the above”.  It is “labels” that are taken unto themselves… that people call themselves by… … but as with anything else… one cannot know for sure whether or not one is “bearing fruit” of those religions or philosophies until one knows for himself/herself what the various teachings themselves  are, if they are interested in them or if a person is a follower of them. When one does…. the person calling himself one, will expose themselves as either a “follower” or not, thus no judgement of the person will be necessary. Another amazing teaching of Jesus Christ as well.

Not only are we known by our fruits… so is everyone else… and we don’t have to judge them…. for it will be the words of the “teacher” or instructions given in the various religion or philosophy, that will reveal who it is that is a “follower” and who isn’t… the key though is that we have to know what each teacher, has said, taught and what those instructions are to know.  We can’t be hearing it second-hand… nor can we be discounting it without knowing what the “teacher” has said or instructed to be “followed” or the “discipline” of the religion or philosophy!

God shared with me a long time ago… when you know what an apple is… and you see one… there is no judgement in saying “that’s an apple”.  There is no judgement in saying when hearing an orange claim to be an apple…. that one is not an apple.   It’s the orange that makes the claim that will exposes himself/herself…. not the one knowing what an apple is and not allowing another who is not an apple to deceive you into thinking that he/she is an apple when one knows what an apple is.

What is the problem in most cases is that most are taking what an “apple” is from another… rather than from the words of the very ones that are claiming to be followed.. and therefore a lot of deception is going on… when you know what an apple is… and you see one… the apple doesn’t need to tell you its an apple…. it won’t need to be claiming anything… and the same is with each of us as well.

We don’t have to make any claims as was Jesus’ example… we know them by what it is that is produced from within themselves …as they will know us as well…. and no claims with mouth or words are necessary….  when the heart is where it should be… the rest takes care of itself!!  Black heart (cards)

So again… thanks for your comments.. and share with me whatever it is that you feel lead to share with me.  Tell me your experiences if you’ve had any with Buddhism as well…  As Jesus taught, God knows what each has need of before one asks… and if our trust is in God totally and completely for our own lives then it will be there also for the lives of everyone else….also!  Right??

Much love always…

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What I’m saying might not be what you’re hearing… why?

One of the most amazing thing to me to have seen through this journey of mine is how often it is that what I’m saying and meaning is not what is being heard…. and why.  I never considered early on that there were so many various definitions and perspectives of words that we all have, and how it is that so often what word I use is not the meaning that it will have when its heard.

See words and terms change and have been changing for a very long time now.  What a word once meant years ago doesn’t have the same meaning today that it once did… but what is more important for us to see is that it is not so much that the definitions have changed, but the perceptions or distinctions that have been created in our minds, have either changed or have become steadfast and “strongholds” on our minds.

Like the term Christian, for an example.  When we look to the bible, we have the term or title Christian as being something that someone else called a person that was seen in the cities and streets of a town doing as Jesus did.  Healing the sick, casting out demons,and were teaching people what Jesus had taught them and commanded them to teach others to observe.  Christians was not a title one gave oneself, nor was it a title that one called himself/herself by.

Yet today, with the various denominations we have in Christianity and the various beliefs that so many that call themselves Christians have…. not only has the definition of the term changed from being a “name called” by others based on actions being done…. it now has become what one calls himself/herself… but even with that said…. when a person calls himself/herself “Christian”… that could and often times means a variety of different beliefs that are often time not at all in agreement with other “Christians” and their “beliefs”, nor the perception they have of the term either.

So even though God shared with me a very long time ago that it was not the example of Jesus Christ in the pages of the bible to bear witness of Himself, it wasn’t to be so with me either… so you won’t find me calling myself a “Christian”, which some even take offense with me about not doing so without even hearing why… however…. what I want to ask you to consider here is something that is very profound to me and what I see that is having so much of an issue with us being able to communicate one with another…. and is resulting in a lot of misunderstandings and not hearing what is being said that with a little reconsideration can help to resolve.  So let’s talk about that for a moment…

Have you ever heard something from someone and immediately when you heard it you got upset?  It hurt your feelings, it sounded judgmental, critical, etc?  Heck yeah… right!  But when that happened, did you ever stop for a moment and look within yourself and ask yourself why it was that you had such a reaction to what was said or you heard?

Have you ever asked yourself in that very moment, “is that what she really meant to say”… or “is that what he really means or thinks”…. or do we apply the distinctions created in our own minds over our own perceptions of words and terms and even tone of voice and that becomes what someone else MEANT without question??

I’ve learned that often time that my reaction either way… good or bad to what someone says to me is always to give me rise to look deeper within myself.  The words and opinions of another are not to be more valuable to me and about me than what it is that I know from within me, or what God has said about me or to me, so it’s often when I react or respond within me that there is something more there for me to see and deal with or at least see.  However, in doing that…. and in asking myself the questions I’ve asked you to consider here…. I’ve been able to see how so much of what is being heard is not what is being said by the other person…. it is my perceptions of the words or terms that I’m hearing that is being affixed in my own mind and thus that means I’m only hearing whatever it is that I want to hear or am willing to hear… and boy we know that’s not good… right?  How can we be willing to hear the truth and seek the truth… and know who we are.. if we’re only willing to hear what it is that we want to hear and nothing else??

This is also what I’ve seen happen so many times with the bible as well.  We have a distinction created in our minds of what the terms in the pages of the bible mean today… what the writers are telling us based on the perceptions of those terms and what they mean to us today, without giving any consideration to the point that they are translations of words from another language than English, and how the definitions and meanings of terms have changed in our own short lifetimes…. thus how they could have changed drastically in the years since the translations were shared, or the writings were written.

So when we read the bible… are we hearing today what the writers are saying to us… or are they saying things that we aren’t willing to hear or don’t hear because we have already determined within our own minds the distinctive meanings or perceptions and thus are hearing only what it is that we want to hear…. or what it is that we want them to be saying rather than as they are written?

One of the most amazing things for me through this journey has been understanding that I have to be willing to forsake all …. that I have to be willing to forsake what it is that I thought I knew.. the images and distinctions created in my own mind… from hearing words and terms that have a meaning today that didn’t have back in the years gone by… but also that I have to be willing to hear what it is that others have to say to me… or share with me based on what THEY mean by the terms they use, and what their definitions are of those terms so that I can thus HEAR what they are saying to me…. rather than what it is that I think they are saying based on my perception of the terms they use in doing so.

So I want to encourage each of you reading this article today consider what I’m sharing with you today…. look at each word you speak and you hear or read in the next few days and look at all the possible meanings that each of those words might have.  Revisit the words in the bible using an online concordance and see what the words were that were translated into English ones we read today…. see what the original words meant so long ago, and hear what it is that the writers are actually saying to us, and have been for a very long time… willing to consider that what they are saying, might not be what you’ve been hearing… and let them speak to you and for themselves.

Also, with each word that you speak and each that you hear said from someone else… do the same thing.  Consider all the possible meanings for the words heard and spoken… and if you are not sure what a person means by what terms they are using…. ASK THEM!  Don’t assume that they are saying something when they might not be at all…. or they might be saying something totally different from you’re hearing simply because we so often are hearing, our perception and meanings of the terms being used…. our understanding of them… and not those that are saying or using them!!

If you’re hearing them from God and aren’t sure what God means…… lean not on your own understanding, but in all things acknowledge (act on the knowledge that God shares with you about it) and He will direct your paths!



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This is your Life….

This is your life… read it and consider what it speaks to your heart!!

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ ….

I’d like to take a moment today to share with you more on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the pages of the bible.

See one of the things that I came to realize in my journey through Christianity is that there is a much different “Gospel of Jesus Christ” being shared today and for years now than what we read from the pages of the bible said and preached by Jesus Christ Himself.

When we examine what most of us have heard as the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ, it refers to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the atonement for sin through the sacrifice on the cross.  As Paul referred to it, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”…

I Cor 2:2 – “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

However, when we look at the writings of the four gospels, that share with us, upon the mouth of two or more, the words and actions of Jesus, we see the record of the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”… that not only was preached by Him through evidence of the “works of the Father” but was also what it was that Jesus said that was to be preached by evidence as well by His disciples.

The OT writings had been sharing with people for a very long time… some 400 or so years, estimated by some, before Jesus’ birth… and yet what did they speak of happening?   What was it that was going on with Jesus’ coming?

Healing the sick, casting out demons, blinded eyes seeing, lame walking and forgiveness of sin here on the earth, and all of that was going on before His death, burial and resurrection.

In fact, we see Jesus stating “I am the resurrection” in the record of His raising Lazarus from the dead…. when Lazarus’ sister told Jesus that she knew that Lazarus would be raised in the resurrection to come.

The four books of the bible that most refer to as the “Gospels” tell a much different “gospel” than what we hear today.  They speak of the evidence of the power of God being with  man on the earth being seen and experienced…. God confirming His words with signs and wonders….they sick were being healed, the captives let go, the lame were walking, the blind were seeing, and most importantly, their sins were being forgiven, not only by Jesus, but Jesus was teaching His disciples that it was their responsibility to forgive sins themselves, or they would not be forgiven.

Jesus is recorded to have given His disciples the same power that God had given to Him, to heal the sick, cast out demons and forgive sins themselves and sent them out to do that FIRST, which was to be the “preaching” or the evidence that the word of God was fulfilled on earth as it was in heaven.  The evidence of the ‘works of the Father” was to confirm to others these things and their sins were to be forgiven by one another…. and that is recorded to have been going on.  Even to the point that we see Jesus telling Peter, that what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven as well.

So here comes the issue… what do we do?  Do we reject what the bible has been telling us within those pages what the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is….. or do we take what it is that those four writers tell us that they knew Jesus said and did … and that His disciples were doing and preaching through the “works of the Father” as the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”??

Do we realize that we’ve been lied to?  Do we consider for a moment that we’ve been led far away from Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom that He preached and was evidence of by the “works of the Father” ??

I’d encourage each of you reading this post today to go back to the writers of the Gospels and review them very carefully.  See what their writings tell us was the “Gospel of the Kingdom” that Jesus preached and others did as well… by evidence of the “works of the Father” being done on earth… and the power of God to do them being here with man on earth…. and see what the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ really is and was.

Jesus Christ is shown to have “preached” the Gospel of the Kingdom of God…. that the power of God was with man on earth… as it was in heaven… that is what had been hidden from the foundation of the world that was being revealed in those “end times”… that the power of God to heal the sick, let the captives go, open blinded eyes, make the lame to walk, and the forgiveness of sin was with man on earth….. as it is in heaven.

That is what the religious of Jesus’ day was offended by… Him forgiving sins and telling His disciples that they were to forgive sin as well.  The religious of His day said that no one was to do that but God… and yet Jesus was saying in words and in evidence that the power of God to forgive sin was with man on earth…. and it was not only man’s responsibility to heal the sick, cast out demons, open blinded eyes, but to forgive sin as well…. or man would not himself be forgiven….

This is a very different “Gospel” than what we’ve had preached to us and written about and shared throughout the world… and now its time to either decide if we are going to let the bible speak for what the “Gospel” is that Jesus Himself preached and was evidenced by the “works of the Father” …. “the Gospel OF Jesus Christ”… or if we will reject Jesus’ words and the writings in the bible on this point and continue to listen to, preach and support the preaching of “another gospel”!

As Jesus has been saying for a very long time in the pages of all our bibles to His disciples…. “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”…

Be free today.. know the Truth!  ♥

P.S.  If you’d like to read more, you can check out this link:  “Did the Kingdom of God come?” 

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