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Q&A: Journey through Christianity to Christ…

Q:  Why do you refer to this as a journey through Christianity to Christ? A:  Great question…so let me explain! As many of us born in the USA and in various parts of the world, we’ve had Christianity, in its … Continue reading

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Antique Dinnerware…..

“A Collection of Antique Dinnerware” Have you ever thought about the Body of Christ as a collection of antique dinnerware? Neither had I until recently. We, like most people, have a lot of old things stored away in the attic … Continue reading

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Q&A- What Faith are you?

Q. What faith are you? A. Most people ask this question meaning “what religious affiliation or denomination are you”? This allows the person posing the question to determine by your response what “core” beliefs that you associate yourself with. Most … Continue reading

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Q&A: Has your views and understanding changed?

Q: Has your views and understanding changed since you started this journey? A:  Absolutely!  Without question! I’ve been asked this question many times… there seems to be some that think that having our views or understanding change is not to … Continue reading

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Why the name Written N Red?

I’ve had several ask me how it was that I came up with the name “Written N Red” … and its simple really.  It was something that God shared with me early on that was so profound to me, that … Continue reading

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From the Beginning…..

Where to begin might be the real question…. I’d like to welcome you to Written N Red, where I’ll be sharing with you my personal journey from Christianity to Christ, through a focus on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Born … Continue reading

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