Do most really believe that Adam’s sin changed the nature of human beings???

Q:  “When Adam and Eve sinned the nature of sin came into man. Do you have to teach a child how to sin. No. This is what the Bible means is that we are born with the nature of sin ”

A:  Denise shares… first off I know that a lot of people say this sort of thing.. but since Jesus said not believed because of words, to look to the evidence… let’s do this for a moment….

I have a question for you about this point… what if there were never any writings about Adam and Eve… what if there had been no one to define what sin is…or tell you about it or left behind writings that tell us about what someone else says is a sin…. do you think that we’d claim such a nature?

When you look at your child, and see your child doing something that you perceive to be wrong or harmful to another… is it because of Adam that you correct the child… or do you correct the child because the child’s actions?

Do you say to the child, it is not your fault or your responsibility, this is the nature you were born with now that someone that the Lord God created from the dust of the ground a very long time ago did something wrong that changed your nature?

Do we really have to have anyone telling us about Adam and Eve, or sin at all for us to know within ourselves whatever it is that we are to do or not to do??

Do we see everyone in this manner because of the actions of one in the writings in the bible?

Do we consider if the Lord God created this one being that would have such an eternal affect on all of mankind to be able to alter it from the nature that is given within it… then isn’t it the Lord God that did so the one that we should be concerned about the actions of?

If this same Lord God is the one that allowed my very nature to be changed to the point that I cannot do as is given within me to do… because someone else well before my time did so…. then should I have any trust or faith in such a Lord God being able to correct what wasn’t able to be preserved or sustained from the beginning?

What if this same Lord God who allowed that to happen, gave a remedy for it, and yet left all of mankind still with the ability to alter the nature of all those that would come after him/her because of their one single action?

Do you see what an insult that could be to a Creator for his creation to have the ability to alter the entire rest of his creation by a single act?

Wouldn’t that give much to be considered about this Lord God??

Consider this point as well… if this Lord God did allow one man’s action.. Adam to alter the entire nature of the rest of his creation… for all times… then sent Jesus to redeem all from the consequences of that first man’s actions…. wouldn’t that mean that Jesus altered the nature of man back to the way it was to be from the beginning?  How can one be restored, and still be in the same nature as you say that Adam caused… unless you’re saying that Jesus never came…. or that Jesus’ actions didn’t have the same ability that Adam’s did?

Now here’s another point to consider… if one man can alter the nature of all of God’s creation… Jesus can change it back… then wouldn’t that likewise mean that one man coming after Jesus did the “restoration” could change everyone again back??  Wouldn’t that mean that man has more power to alter the nature of the creation of God then God does to sustain it and keep it??  What reason would there be for Jesus if there was no change in the nature of man… man would continue on sinning no matter what…. right??

There is a lot to consider when making statements like you have…. including that there is a lack of evidence in the interactions we have with our children even when claiming to have such beliefs.  We don’t tell our children that they are okay to sin or do things that will harm another because God allowed Adam, his first man, to change their nature from God’s design for them… so harm all they want to …. that’s not what happens.  So the evidence is that we punish our discipline our children because of their own actions…. and that in itself shows us that we don’t really believe that Adam did such… for why would you fault a child or punish them for something they had no control over in the first place?  They do… we are all responsible for our own actions.. regardless of what we so often times claim as “beliefs”.

Another point to consider in closing is this….  I have to ask where in nature to do we see this happening? Does the one action of a dog make all dogs vicious? Does one act done by a bird change the nature of all birds??

These are not questions for anyone to answer personally or directly… unless you’d like… but isn’t all of this things that we should be open to consider and discuss.. and answer within ourselves and for ourselves??

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