It Is the Doing that is difficult… not the knowing..

Have you ever considered that it is not the “knowing” what to do that is difficult… we know what it is that we are to do and not to do… it’s the doing it that is the issue for most of us.

Think about it for a moment.. most of us know within a given second all sorts of things… we know what we like, what we don’t like, how we feel, if something is right for us or not in that given moment.. and even what it is that we know we are to do…. so it’s not the “knowing” that is the issue for us.. is it?  It’s the “walking in it” or “the doing of it” where the struggles begin… but why?  Have you ever considered that???

Think for a moment about something that you know you are to do… that you feel passionate about.. or that has come to you to do in a split second of time.  What is the first thing that usually happens??

Do you begin within yourself almost instantly of hearing other “voices” or “thoughts” that come to your mind of why you can’t do that, what someone else would think if you did, what it will mean to someone else if you do it, or that you can’t do it, or that it isn’t something you can do right now….. or so many others… right?

Yet even when all of that happens… does it change or alter what you “know”?  Does it mean that you don’t “know” what you’re to do and what is right for you in that moment… or that you shouldn’t be doing in that given moment???

No… the “knowing” is still there…. it’s the “doing” of it that is where the issues occur and yet I want to share with you something to consider about this and maybe why it is that this happens to all of us.. until we get to the point of being able to ‘control our thoughts” and understand where so much of this has come from within us as well.

See in the opening pages of the bible, we see that it records that man could freely partake and the instruction by God to man was not to partake of the knowledge of good and evil from a source outside himself.  The thing to pay attention to is that the bible states that man knew what it was that he was not to do…. and yet there was another “voice” that called that into question… a questioning of it set the whole thing in motion!!

Once that questioning took place… the man still knew what it was that he was NOT TO DO… that didn’t change.. .but he took of knowledge of good and evil.. right and wrong… from a source other than what was within him… that he already knew… and went against what he knew based on what someone else said (that other voice) as to what was good and evil, right and wrong for him and that altered his entire view of himself… and all that he did from that point forward….

The bible states that once the man partook of the knowledge of good and evil from another source outside himself…. everything in his life changed.. his view of himself… his view of others.. his view of his relationship within himself… he records being “afraid”… he starts blaming… all as a result of one key point…. the knowledge or “knowing” of good and evil, right and wrong, from OUTSIDE HIMSELF!!

So when we think for a moment on this… we can also see for ourselves that as a result of us all doing that ourselves… .taking of the knowledge of good and evil from outside ourselves… anything that we know to do from that point forward will always come into question within us… will be a struggle for us to carry out… and do.. for it will always be based on upon our own changed view of what is good and evil.. right and wrong… and that view will be the first struggle we all face WITHIN OURSELVES!

Many passages in the bible speak of the struggle to “overcome the devil” and yet when we look to what it is that the serpent/devil was saying in those times that was needed to be “overcome” or not “hearkened to” was to call into question what was already KNOWN that was to be done or not to be done.

That other “voice” will always be what calls into question what it is that is “KNOWN” within you… because we all have been so conditioned in our thinking and taught to do things based on the view of others of ourselves as well as our own world… that we can see why Jesus and so many other religious, spiritual, and philosophical teachings throughout the years have been trying to point us back to that which is “within”… to stop all the “hearkening to the voices of another”…. because until we do… it isn’t the “KNOWING” that is missing… or not there…. it is their FIRST… for without it there would be no “questioning” or struggling against it for anyone to have to “overcome”… to follow it and trust it.. right?

So no matter what you’re facing in your life at this moment… consider for a moment whether you “KNOW” what it is that you are to do or not to do….. and what you’re struggling with is what is coming against what it is that you know you’re to do or not to do….or if it truly is that you don’t know…. I’m sure you’ll find out as I have and many others have as well….that the “knowing” is there… it is the doing and overcoming the struggles and questioning, that is the “issue” for you….

Be encouraged today not to take on the idea of what is right and what is wrong… what is good or what is evil from any other… look within yourself for that knowledge…. and realize that all of this… is for our understanding… for us to gain wisdom and understanding… so that we do not continue to repeat the things that have brought so much pain and suffering into our lives and those around us as well!!  ♥



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