“Out of Context” Reading of the Bible…

I’ve heard many times in discussions regarding the bible statements like this one…

“Out of context scripture can mean nothing- just like the word ” foundation” so many meanings only within context it is clear; You play on words….it’s pathetic how you distort the Bible.  Surely any theologian, Christian and Bible scholar knows this and should consider it – right ?”

However, what doesn’t seem to be taken into consideration in making a statement like this is what the writers of the various writings that make up the collection of writings we call the Bible today actually state within those very writings.

Let me share more with you on this by sharing my answer to the statement above …

How is it a play on words to post what Jesus said or what is in the book of Psalms as it is written??

Are those passages in the bible as I have posted them or not? The answer is simple.

Either they are or they are not…. anyone with the ability to read for themselves can do so…. and see whether what I have posted is as it is written in the pages of the bible or not.

I offered no “meaning” nor “context” nor explanation…. only posted what is written in the pages of the bible AS IT IS WRITTEN!

Where is your “context” statement in light of Adam.. where is it that you find in the writings that God told Adam to take into consideration the “context” of a bunch of writings before his time to know what it was that was being said to him??

Where do you find Noah having to concern himself with “context” when being told what the writers tell us that Noah said he was told?

See this is another of those points that don’t make any sense in light of what is in those writings.. for none of them mention a thing about having to refer to “context” of other writings or to look at the whole of a collection of writings to determine “context” of whatever words that it was that they say God spoke to them…. how much “context” to you suppose that Abraham had to take into consideration when hearing “go, depart and I’ll shew you the way”?

There is no where that I find Jesus saying to his followers….. “make sure to tell people to read the scriptures in context”… or go through the nation telling people that the scriptures out of context mean nothing??

What “context” does Jesus refer to in his time of temptation with the devil when he simply quoted “as it is written”?

Do you think that the devil had to go back and read all those passages around that one that Jesus quoted to know the “context” of what was being said to him???

So surely in light of what the writings actually state.. and no mention at all of anyone having to read writings before their time to know what was being said to them….. nor being directed to consider “context” ….nor anyone sharing in their writings that God told them that they knew that there were so many meanings to the words that God was speaking to them that they needed to study “context” to know what God said… then it would seem that the concept you’re putting forth here is not at all illustrated in the writings we have in the bible.

It is in fact a distortion of what is in those writings to say otherwise or to point to ‘context’ of writings to know whatever it is that God would have one to know or to understand from a simple sentence that God is supposedly to have said Himself.

I can assure you if there is any “explanation” or “context” that needs to be considered about what the writings say…. and one is interested in knowing whether God said any of those things to those people…. or what God meant by saying such…. or what one is to know about such…. one should ASK GOD… not theologians, Christians and bible scholars.  The instruction in the bible itself is “if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all men liberally…. ”

There is no mention in those writings that state that it is to be theologians, Christians, or Bible scholars that are to tell us what it is that God has said or meant by whatever it is that God is thought or considered to have said.

It would be distorting the writings in the bible and rejecting Jesus’ instruction and his own example to do so… wouldn’t it?

Let’s not forget that the opening pages of the book of Genesis shares with us all that read it that what God said, what God knows and what it is that God would have one to do coming from the mouth of another who is not GOD.. is what most claim to be the reason for the downfall of man… the separation of man from God… that Jesus was sent to redeem people from the consequences of….

So if that is the case… and that is what one believes… then why would you tell anyone today…. to ask a theologian, Christian or Bible scholar about anything regarding what God said or has not said.. or what God meant.. or whether God said anything that is in the pages of the bible…. or tell them that they have to lean on their own understanding of what is in the “context”??  Isn’t that rejecting the clearly stated instruction “if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God” and Jesus’ words that man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God…. and Jesus and the Prophets saying “all shall be taught by God”??

I find no one in the writings recording God said “if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask a theologian, a Christian, or a Bible scholar” or for that matter anyone else.   Who better can answer for what God would have any of us to know about anything other than God??  ♥

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