About …

Welcome to Written N Red!

I’m glad you’ve stopped by for a visit. Let me begin by sharing with you what Written N Red is about.

It is a website where I share my personal journey through Christianity to Christ, the teachings of Jesus Christ, and what I’ve come to learn and understand along the journey.

As many of you know, I’ve shared my journey online through various methods for years now, articles I’ve written, emails I’ve received and answered, transcripts from online sessions I’ve hosted, audio and video recordings, comments from social media networks, group chats, newsletters… to name a few … which have now been migrated to this location and format!

This format will allow, as many of you have requested, a place to share all the older stuff and new, but will allow your comments and questions in one location, without having to submit them via email, or instant messages, or across various social networks, etc. So in essences, this will bring it ‘under one roof’!

I look forward to sharing with you the various aspects my journey through Christianity to Christ, what I’ve learned along the way, continue to learn and experience, and as always welcome your comments, and questions!

I encourage each of you, to utilize the incredible “knowing” that is within you … to trust it to lead, guide, teach and make known to you whatever it is that you are to do along your own journey… and share with me and others your experiences and what you’ve come to understand as well….

The bible records Jesus’ saying “the kingdom of God is within you” and “God knows what ye have need of before ye ask”… and others have been reminding us in their teachings and writings, that all that we have need of is “within” and has been provided for each of us…

So as you visit here and read about my journey and what I’ve come to understand and learn….remember all the answers are within you…. “seek and ye shall find” when you look within! ♥♥♥

Enjoy your visit…