Christianity says…… Adam’s sin???

Q:  “Christianity says that you being a sinner is not a question of what you do/ you are born a sinner. It is not a question of whether you do some sin or not; no, you are a born sinner. Man is born in sin. Adam, the first man, committed the sin, and you are descendants. The sin has been committed, nothing can be done. Now it cannot be undone, and you are born into sin – Adam’s sin.  Is this what you see?”

A:  Denise shares….

Yet again I ask.. why would anyone knowing what the opening pages of the bible has to say about “not to partake of the knowledge of good and evil” from another… about “hearkening to the voice of another” in matters pertaining to God, what God knows or what God would have one to do or not to do from any other….. then take the words of Christianity or anyone else for that matter on such points about themselves or the view that God has of them or doesn’t?

It seems to do so would be then to repeat what Adam is shown to have done as well as go against those very teachings the bible shares with anyone reading it… rather than see that it wasn’t to be done by man from man’s beginning.

So think about it like this.. if we had no one telling us such things… and we were not “hearkening to their voices” on such matters.. would we then be in need of someone telling us the opposite of those things?   Do I need to tell you that you’re not a sinner… or simply to remind you to “consider the source” as to “who has told you this”… for you to see that for yourself?

If we are listening to the first  … then we might have need of listening to the second in an effort to get us “free” from the affects or impacts on our living that the “hearkening to the first” has created…

If we simply listen to the second … without understanding that without having “hearkened” to the first… their would have been no reason for the second.. haven’t we in essence missed the understanding of how it all started, thus will then be  “tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine” as the bible also speaks about??

Could it be that we are to understand that it is given within each of us, as with all things, whatever it is that we are to have need of for us to become whatever it is that we are to be… and that when we “hearken to the voice of another” is how and when these distinctions are created in the mind, that we then believe to be true and thus will pattern our living based on what it is that we’ve taken into ourselves by the words and actions of another… rather than what has been given within each of us from our own beginning??

I don’t find any reason to have to tell the trees in the forest that they are to love themselves… or the birds in the air that they are to love themselves… no more than I find reason to have to tell them that they shouldn’t.

It matters little to them what my view or opinion of them is or what others say about them in the “sight of God”…. or the animals that fill the forest, or swim in the oceans as well.

It seems to only be man that values and patterns his living based on the views of another and the opinions that others have of him… even going as far as to convince him regarding his/her relationship with his/her God as well.

Where would Adam have been in his life had he not hearkened to the voice of another about what it was that he was to do or to be?  What if he had simply stood on what he knew within himself … and didn’t allow himself to be “fed’ the knowledge of good and evil from another in the garden with him??

The question to consider might be why do we human’s put more value and importance in the view and opinions of others about ourselves… and hearken to their voice about such things …. especially when we see so much in nature live in harmony and for many years longer at it than us humans have… and yet don’t do so among themselves or among the other species that share this earth with them??

Is there any other species other than humans that speak for God regarding “sin” or being a “sinner” to others of its own species… or other species that share this planet with them?  Does the plant try to convince the sun that it is a sinner in need of a Savior in the eyes of God??   Surely this should make a point to us why Jesus in the bible reminded his followers that the kingdom of God was within them… and directed their focus on the birds of the air, the lilies of the field, the seeds, and other aspects of nature… ♥

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