Father’s Day…..

Today is known in many countries around our world as “Father’s Day”… the day we honor our fathers, those that are our fathers through biology, marriage, as well as those that have been a “father” to us, been there for us, yet are not related to us at all.

So today I take a moment to honor, and am thankful, as I am each day, to the fathers that have been a part of my life…. and to direct our appreciation, thanks, attention and awareness to The Father… Source, Universe, God, Spirit, I AM, All in All, etc.

There are no names or titles in any language, or the combination of all languages, that can truly or fully define or describe The Father…. that which is within each of us.

So join me today in honoring The Father… the Source, Universe, God, Spirit, I Am, All in All, that which is within YOU…

This day causes us to become “AWARE” of a time appointed for this ….  as a reminder to each of us to be THANKFUL each moment of every day for this precious and amazing thing we call LIFE and to whomever and whatever it is that we attribute having given it to us, made it possible for us!!

Thank you Father…

Much love…



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