Change is on the way….

Hello Everyone…

First I’d like to thank each of you for visiting the site and for staying in contact over the past years as so many changes have taken place…

More are on the way as we come to the last month of the year, and embark upon a new year…many of us are also embarking upon a new life… a new way of living!

As we approach the new year and the ending of this one… I’d like to take the opportunity to encourage each of you to know what is within you…. to take the time each day to embrace the truth of who you are… what makes you you … and to enjoy it!

We are all unique individuals and that’s a great thing. We are each a unique piece of this puzzle we call life with each having a wonderful part in the whole and to thine own self be true!

Celebrate every day… celebrate everyone in your life that makes your heart sing… celebrate every thing… be thankful and grateful for all that you have… and for all the small things that are we all have going for us no matter where we are in the moment…remember your heart is still beating…your lungs still are taking in breath… be thankful!!

I’m thankful for each of you and wish you all the best. I will be sharing more with you in the upcoming weeks as I go through a lot of changes myself and have over the last while. I’m excited about what is ahead… and hope you are too!

Love to you all….

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