Q&A: Are you an ordained minister?

Q:  Are you an ordained minister?

A:  No!

I get this question a lot, mainly I think because most seem to think that a person sharing what Jesus commanded in the pages of the bible to be observed by those that love him are “ministers” and therefore are ordained.

I questioned God on this point directly many years ago when I was first lead to leave the church, because what was familiar to me and the “tradition” that I was familiar with at that point was that when God had someone leave their church it was usually to attend seminary and be ordained.  It wasn’t so for me… and even though I knew it wasn’t with assurance, I didn’t consider that in the pages of the bible there is no mention at all of anyone, including Jesus Christ, being “ordained” by anyone other than God.

So guess if hearing from God and doing what God said was to be done was the example of Jesus and others in the bible… it’s not God that is going to be concerned if I’m not.  Right?

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