Are all men sinners?

Did Adam’s Transgression make all men sinners?

There are many in our world today that believe that by the transgressions of Adam that all men are sinners and go about to try to convince all men of that.. and their need for a Savior from those transgressions. How can that be? Let’s not take either position in the matter… but to look at both and ask God!

For the sake of the debate.. let’s begin with the side that Yes, Adam’s transgressions made all men sinners and in need of a Savior. If that was the case and it did.. then do we throw out the words of the bible that tell us that God created all men in His image and after His own likeness? If all men were created in the image of God.. and all men are sinners because of Adam, then that would seem to mean that God was a sinner and created Adam in that image… which is the basis for why Adam was a sinner and had the capacity to transgress or sin in the first place. Then we have to look at the fact that if God created all in His image.. and yet Adam’s nature was that of sin… or transgression then who changed the nature of Adam. Some would say that Adam’s nature changed when he transgressed, but how can one’s nature change without the hand of God, who created him in the first place? Wouldn’t that mean that Adam has power to change his nature without God? Yet some will say that they believe that the “clay has no power over the potter” so how could Adam have power to change his very nature without God? And if God changed the nature of Adam after creating him in His own image, why would He? Where is it recorded that God changed the nature of Adam, and if God changed the nature of Adam, wouldn’t that mean that God made a mistake… or that He really didn’t make Adam in His own image after all??

Then we must look at what happened as a result of the transgression. Does the bible say that because of the transgression that all men would be therefore transgressors after Adam? Nope.. the bible speaks that there was a blessing in Adam’s case… God cursed the ground for Adam’s sake. It’s not punishment when someone does something for your sake! Then we see that God didn’t cast Adam out of the garden or away from the provisions of God, but God put a barrier between Adam and the tree of life.

Then we see in the bible, it records that death reigned from Adam to Moses… so where did death go?? If the transgressions of Adam.. and death that resulted as the transgression reigned only from Adam to Moses… did God change back the nature of mankind once again?

Then we have to look at the “Savior”! The sacrifice that was given by God to a rebellious people to cover their transgressions. So if Adam could make all men sinners, wouldn’t it seem to reason that what Jesus did in covering the sins of the world that all men would then become righteous? Seems that there are a lot of people who want to claim that Adam made us all sinners, yet refute the very idea that if Adam had enough power to make us all sinners by what he did in transgressing what God told him, that Jesus in doing what He did.. and not transgressing God could make all men righteous! Why is it so difficult to accept, when so many are willing to accept what Adam did and yet deny the very redemption that God sent to cover the sin of that one man.

Then we find that the bible records that by the offense of one, sin came to all men and death, yet by the obedience of one, eternal life! Doesn’t eternal life go without saying that there is no more sinners… and that by what Jesus did that all have eternal life.. even if you believe that Adam’s transgression made all men sinners… shouldn’t you likewise be willing to accept that if one man taken from the ground could make all sinners, that yet another man resurrected from the ground… could make all righteous?? Something to think about… ????

Now let’s look at the idea that Adam’s transgression did NOT make all men sinners! There are some that would immediately refute the idea of this thinking that it in some fashion would take away the idea of Jesus Christ and what God did. It’s as if to say that without Adam we couldn’t or wouldn’t have Jesus, which has become the foundation for so many denominations which aren’t following even what He taught, which is yet another entire topic all together and will not be addressed further here.

So if Adam didn’t make all men sinners, then it would stand to reason that the words that Jesus spoke were true. That He came not to call the righteous to repentance, but sinners. Meaning that there were some righteous here that had no need of repentance and were not sinners when He came. Then we’d see that there was some basis for the bible recording Noah, Abraham, Enoch and others in the bible as “righteous in the sight of God” and that once again was not in need of repentance for they were not in sin! There was no transgression.

Then we would have to look at transgression. The bible, which so many claim, without hesitation is the word of God, says that without the law there is no transgression, knowing that the law was not given to the righteous but to the unrighteous. So if the law was given to the unrighteous.. and stated so… then there must have been some righteous that needed no law.. and wasn’t under the transgression of Adam. We also see in the bible where the disciples of Jesus asked him regarding a blind man, “who has sinned, him or his parents?” But look at that verse…the disciples wouldn’t have asked it if they knew that because of Adam all had sinned.. they would have just accepted it that all were sinners and would have also got in line for healing themselves.. and would have been compelled by their own beliefs to also “repent” which there is no recording in the bible that they did. No the disciples understood that the transgressions of Adam had not befallen all men, they were asking who it was that had sinned or transgressed God! They knew it wasn’t by the actions of one that all became sinners… and wanted to know which one had sinned to result in the affliction that cause the blindness. See the disciples knew that sin or the transgression of God is what results in blindness… they were just wondering who it was that had done the “sin”!

Then we have to look at many other places recorded in the bible.. for if the transgression and the teachings of the bible are the basis for what so many people believe then we have to use that basis for a means to examine and reason regarding the issues we are discussing here. The bible records many places where there is evidence that Adam’s transgressions didn’t pass along to all men… even in the recordings of the Old Testament the sins of the fathers were passed on to the other generations of those that HATED GOD.. not to all men… then we have to look at a very key point in this also… the statement of so many that God doesn’t hear the prayers of a sinner!

So now if God doesn’t hear the prayer of a sinner, and all have sinned after the similitude of Adam then why would there be any need at all to pray? God isn’t going to hear it anyway.. right? Then we have to look at those that will quickly refute that by saying “I know that God hears my prayers and answers them” and the words of Jesus Himself which says that God hears and answers prayer! It would seem that either God does hear the prayers of sinners and Adam made all sinners or that God hears the prayers and answers them cause there are no sinners!! It surely couldn’t be both ways… Right.

Then we have to look at the concept that God only hears prayers of “repentance” and all are sinners. How can one repent and then sin again which puts you in the mode of “repentance” again so why would you even try to pray for anything other than repentance if the transgressions of Adam remain? If the transgressions of Adam remain, then what was it that the Savior did?

It would seem entirely ridiculous for God, the creator of all things, the Almighty, All knowing, all powerful, all present God to have created a being, in His image, changed the image, gave him a law, allowed him to transgress it.. and pass that transgression and the subsequent punishment on to all other created beings, and then send His only Begotten Son, perfect and sinless to be the “deliverer” or “Savior” and then leave the world in the same sinful natured condition it was before the “Savior” was sent? What good would any of that have been? Surely God.. the Almighty wouldn’t done that and made the very life, death and resurrection of Christ worthless…now would He??

It’s time to think! If the transgressions of Adam made all men sinners, then surely the life of Christ made us all righteous? If the transgressions of Adam didn’t make all men sinners, then the life of Christ made those that had transgressed righteous and gave them eternal life… and in either case… all are righteous!!

Well at this point, there are assuredly some that will say that you have to “accept” Christ and what He did to be part of the “righteous” and other things, yet if that should be the case.. then does that mean that likewise one would have to “accept that Adam’s transgression made all men a sinner” and because of that one would need to “accept” the deliverance from the transgressions! Since you didn’t have to “accept” what Adam did to make all men sinners, surely you wouldn’t have to “accept” what Jesus did to make all men righteous! Then again, even if you believe that you do have to “accept” what Adam did, and you are of the mindset to accept that.. then why wouldn’t you likewise “accept” what Jesus did for all also? Wouldn’t that be like saying that you have to accept that you have cancer to accept the cure for it.. and if you do accept that you have cancer, what sense would it make not to accept what will cure you from it?? In either case… it’s easy to see that “not all have sinned after the similitude of Adam”.

Think about it! It doesn’t take much thinking to see that even in this debate there is no position or side to take either.. but that the end result is the same. If you believe you are a sinner and needed a Savior.. He came and therefore you aren’t a sinner any longer.. and if you believe that you haven’t sinned because of what was done before you got here or if you just simply don’t believe either .. the result is the same! So why the debate??

Seems so many spend so much time debating about things that if we’d just stop the debating long enough to do some thinking.. we’d realize that there is no basis for the debate at all, because the result is the same!

Think about it!! Ask God!! As Him, “God did you make us in your image, change that image or allow it to be changed into a sinful nature, refuse to hear our prayers, and let us in your kingdom in that state, send your perfect sinless son, let him go to the cross, die a horrible death, resurrect him from the dead, let him be seen for many, and send your Holy Spirit so that we could all remain sinners, and in our same sinful nature as we were before He came?” Ask God.. He’s sure to tell you!!!

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