I Knew it…

How many times has something happened in your life, or even in the life of someone else and the first words out of your mouth were “I knew it”.  How many times do you suppose that you’ve “known” something before it actually happened, or knew what the outcome was going to be beforehand?

What we often times don’t consider is just how much “knowing” that we do have within us, and as the bible itself has been telling us from its beginning… that we have been able to know what it is that we are to do and not to do from God from our beginning…. why aren’t we living by it and what causes us not to do so any more?

Think about it a moment with me… how is it that you knew within your own mother’s womb to kick, move around and even suck your thumb?  Do you ever consider that within every cell of your body there is a “knowing” as to what that cell is to do, how it is to do so, and it does so, living in harmony within your own body, bringing into being whatever it is that you are to be, without having any knowledge of God, without having to read any books or writings and most assuredly without having to have any other cell within your body dictating to it how it is to do those things that it knows it is not to do.

So if we are a collection of cells that within each have their own “knowing” the ability to know and to do what it is that is to be done…. then why would we as a “collection” of those cells not have those same abilities when the entire make up of what we are has those abilities?

Let’s move on a bit further… how was it that you learned to walk, to sit up, and to do so many of the things that we’ve all done from the time we’ve been born?  A “knowing” within that was triggered “as the time appointed of the Father” for it to happen?  Who told our bodies when to start the process of puberty, or all the changes that took us from a fetus within the womb to the adult that we are today?

It is because of that “knowing” that is within us…. that we all have… that all things have as well.  Ever watch an animal.. who lives not by any writings before its time… not by any mandate or dictates of knowledge of God, and yet they know within them what it is that they are to do, how to find what it is that they have need of, and they have nothing to trust in other than what it is that is within them….right?

So when you look back over the times in your own life where you just “knew” something… you might not have been able to explain how you knew it… or what basis you had for what it was that you “knew”… but none the less you knew it… didn’t you?

So what I want to share with you today is that we all have this “knowing”.  We all have the abilities within us to “know” not only what it is that we are to do and not to do… but what is right for us…and what is not in a given moment in time.  We also have the ability to learn from that “knowing” and to get back to the point of being able to trust it to lead us, guide us and make known to us whatever it is that we are to do in any given moment….. but to do that.. we first have to consider what it is that has caused us to move away from a total and complete trust of what is “within us” .. that “knowing” we all have!!

We also have to realize that living based on what is “within” is how all living creatures other than us humans live…. and have for a very long time…. and wonder why it is that we humans find it so difficult to do so ourselves.

So today, I’d like to simply encourage you to think about what it is that you “know” today.  What do you “know” about the situation you find yourself in today?  What is it that you know about where you are… what is it that you know about someone else in your life?

Then I’d like you to consider how it is that all things live… look around you and take a moment to consider animals, plants, planets, the entire universe and how it “knows” what it is to do and not to do!!

Embrace the “knowing” that is within you…. that you’ve had since your beginning… and reflect for a moment today on all those times in your life that you can easily recall when you “knew” it!!

Matthew 6:8b- ” for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.”

Luke 17:21b: ” the kingdom of God is within you.”

Look into every great religious, spiritual, and wisdom tradition, and we find the same precept — that life’s ultimate truth, its ultimate treasure, lies within each of us as well as within all things….

“Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you”…. seek what is within you…. for that which is within you contains all that you have need of.. and it has been given to you before you have asked for it….

If you’d like to share some of those times you’ve had… feel free to do so… however.. the more important part for now is simply to reflect on them for yourself… consider the “knowing’ that is within all things… and embrace it within yourself!!!

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