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Christianity says…… Adam’s sin???

Q:  “Christianity says that you being a sinner is not a question of what you do/ you are born a sinner. It is not a question of whether you do some sin or not; no, you are a born sinner. … Continue reading

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What’s next…. the first step in “doing”….

As I shared in the articles the other day, “I knew” and “It’s the doing that is difficult”… many are able to see that in most cases we do know what it is that we are to do, but we … Continue reading

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Sticks and Stones…..

We’ve all heard that little saying… “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me”… there are several variations of this saying.. and yes, I’m sure that many of us have not only heard it but … Continue reading

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It Is the Doing that is difficult… not the knowing..

Have you ever considered that it is not the “knowing” what to do that is difficult… we know what it is that we are to do and not to do… it’s the doing it that is the issue for most … Continue reading

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I Knew it…

How many times has something happened in your life, or even in the life of someone else and the first words out of your mouth were “I knew it”.  How many times do you suppose that you’ve “known” something before … Continue reading

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“Rifts” in our Communities….

What is causing so many “rifts” in our communities today?  What is it that is making people so convinced that they “know all things” to the point of saying what one is to do or not to do in matters … Continue reading

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“Knowing God”…..??

I have a difficult time reconciling the concept of “knowing God” with anything other than based on a first hand experience, especially given all that the bible shares. From its opening pages, the “knowing” was an intimate and personal experience … Continue reading

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