Is the Bible the Word of God???

Have you ever thought about where it is that we get the idea that the bible is the word of God?  Can you for a moment think about to the time that you first heard that the bible is the “word of God” and where you heard that from?

I’ve been participating in a lot of discussions this week with others about the bible and yet so few seem to consider for a moment some key points about the bible and whether it is the word of God … and more importantly how can we know this and be sure of it?

Most of us heard the bible is the word of God from someone else… and yet the bible tells us when reading it that man was always to live by what God said and none other.  We know that though there has been a lot of effort, time and research put into attempting to determine who the writers of the various books of the bible are… we still haven’t had scholars or historians to be able to concretely determine that about many of the writings we have in the bible….. and yet if we are not able to even know for sure who wrote them…. what their understanding might have been in their own day…. how is it that we can know that what they are telling us is in fact, what it is that God told them, revealed to them or made known to them?

Jesus makes an interesting point in the writings, about how it is that one is to be able to know if the words that He spoke were the words of God…. and that was in the doing of them.  He is shown in the bible to state that one doing as He said God told him to speak…. that it was God Himself that would confirm His words to those that were followed them… and yet wouldn’t that still mean that we’d have to question what even those words were given that we can’t be sure who wrote in the pages of the bible what is said to have been spoken, and done even by Jesus Christ?

So how is one to know…. how is one to be able to be confident in what words in the bible are in fact what God said to someone else…. God revealed to someone else…. what Jesus said and done or didn’t…. or for that matter anyone else??  Wouldn’t we have to return to the “source” and ask God even about the bible?

If our trust is to be in God in all things….. then surely it will have to be in all things.. including the Bible… right?  If for a moment we can consider that there is the possibility that what is in those writings are in fact the words of God, the Eternal, Almighty, and they share with us that man was to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God…. that the steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord, that Jesus’ example of living was to do only what it was that the Father gave Him to do, and if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives to all men liberally and upbraideth not….. would there be any way to trust God in all things…. without asking GOD first in all things… including about the Bible?

Wouldn’t we have to consider that if we are not doing so ourselves…. then it is not others that do not believe those words to be the words of God…. but us??

So be encouraged today and everyday to ASK GOD… to take direction in your life on a daily basis from God and that which He writes in your own heart and on your own mind… remembering that all that you have need of is within you!!


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