The Gospel of Jesus Christ ….

I’d like to take a moment today to share with you more on the Gospel of Jesus Christ as outlined in the pages of the bible.

See one of the things that I came to realize in my journey through Christianity is that there is a much different “Gospel of Jesus Christ” being shared today and for years now than what we read from the pages of the bible said and preached by Jesus Christ Himself.

When we examine what most of us have heard as the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ, it refers to the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, the atonement for sin through the sacrifice on the cross.  As Paul referred to it, “Jesus Christ and Him crucified”…

I Cor 2:2 – “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and him crucified.”

However, when we look at the writings of the four gospels, that share with us, upon the mouth of two or more, the words and actions of Jesus, we see the record of the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”… that not only was preached by Him through evidence of the “works of the Father” but was also what it was that Jesus said that was to be preached by evidence as well by His disciples.

The OT writings had been sharing with people for a very long time… some 400 or so years, estimated by some, before Jesus’ birth… and yet what did they speak of happening?   What was it that was going on with Jesus’ coming?

Healing the sick, casting out demons, blinded eyes seeing, lame walking and forgiveness of sin here on the earth, and all of that was going on before His death, burial and resurrection.

In fact, we see Jesus stating “I am the resurrection” in the record of His raising Lazarus from the dead…. when Lazarus’ sister told Jesus that she knew that Lazarus would be raised in the resurrection to come.

The four books of the bible that most refer to as the “Gospels” tell a much different “gospel” than what we hear today.  They speak of the evidence of the power of God being with  man on the earth being seen and experienced…. God confirming His words with signs and wonders….they sick were being healed, the captives let go, the lame were walking, the blind were seeing, and most importantly, their sins were being forgiven, not only by Jesus, but Jesus was teaching His disciples that it was their responsibility to forgive sins themselves, or they would not be forgiven.

Jesus is recorded to have given His disciples the same power that God had given to Him, to heal the sick, cast out demons and forgive sins themselves and sent them out to do that FIRST, which was to be the “preaching” or the evidence that the word of God was fulfilled on earth as it was in heaven.  The evidence of the ‘works of the Father” was to confirm to others these things and their sins were to be forgiven by one another…. and that is recorded to have been going on.  Even to the point that we see Jesus telling Peter, that what you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and what you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven as well.

So here comes the issue… what do we do?  Do we reject what the bible has been telling us within those pages what the “Gospel of Jesus Christ” is….. or do we take what it is that those four writers tell us that they knew Jesus said and did … and that His disciples were doing and preaching through the “works of the Father” as the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”??

Do we realize that we’ve been lied to?  Do we consider for a moment that we’ve been led far away from Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom that He preached and was evidence of by the “works of the Father” ??

I’d encourage each of you reading this post today to go back to the writers of the Gospels and review them very carefully.  See what their writings tell us was the “Gospel of the Kingdom” that Jesus preached and others did as well… by evidence of the “works of the Father” being done on earth… and the power of God to do them being here with man on earth…. and see what the “Gospel” of Jesus Christ really is and was.

Jesus Christ is shown to have “preached” the Gospel of the Kingdom of God…. that the power of God was with man on earth… as it was in heaven… that is what had been hidden from the foundation of the world that was being revealed in those “end times”… that the power of God to heal the sick, let the captives go, open blinded eyes, make the lame to walk, and the forgiveness of sin was with man on earth….. as it is in heaven.

That is what the religious of Jesus’ day was offended by… Him forgiving sins and telling His disciples that they were to forgive sin as well.  The religious of His day said that no one was to do that but God… and yet Jesus was saying in words and in evidence that the power of God to forgive sin was with man on earth…. and it was not only man’s responsibility to heal the sick, cast out demons, open blinded eyes, but to forgive sin as well…. or man would not himself be forgiven….

This is a very different “Gospel” than what we’ve had preached to us and written about and shared throughout the world… and now its time to either decide if we are going to let the bible speak for what the “Gospel” is that Jesus Himself preached and was evidenced by the “works of the Father” …. “the Gospel OF Jesus Christ”… or if we will reject Jesus’ words and the writings in the bible on this point and continue to listen to, preach and support the preaching of “another gospel”!

As Jesus has been saying for a very long time in the pages of all our bibles to His disciples…. “ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”…

Be free today.. know the Truth!  ♥

P.S.  If you’d like to read more, you can check out this link:  “Did the Kingdom of God come?” 

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