“Revolution”… Jesus’ mission ??

Today, I seen this picture posted by “Exposing the Truth”  on Facebook, that spoke volumes to me of what the mission of Jesus was all about, outlined in the pages of the bible.  Take a look at it for a moment ….


Jesus said “my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow”.. and God, recorded in the bible to have commanded man to “Hear Him” regarding Jesus, but often times I don’t think that most consider what it is that Jesus’ mission was…. I know that I didn’t, and most assuredly not when I was involved in Christianity.

See the people who Jesus said those words to and called to come to Him were those that were the “sheep” meaning that they had followed, like many of us, what others around us do, or we were taught by others that we were to do to be a part of the “flock”.

They were keeping traditions and customs, following commandments that had been given to them through oral traditions and writings from a “flesh” being Moses, and claiming themselves to be “sheep”, and yet some of them were not lifting a finger to do what it was that they knew they were to do…. while putting heavy burdens on others, to be a part of the “flock”.

So Jesus comes and what is it that Jesus is recorded to have told those that come to Him to be His disciple?  They have to “forsake it all”… they have to hate mother, brother, sister, spouse, even their own lives to be His disciple.

Harsh sounding isn’t it… but when you have your entire life surrounded by and conditioned by being a “sheep” or doing as everyone else thinks you should, tells you that you have to, etc…. then that is the first and foremost way to be “set free” or to begin to “know the truth that will make you free”.

Then we see Jesus telling His disciples to take responsibility for their own actions…. to pluck out their eye if it causes them offense, to cut off their hand….the idea of blaming their actions on another… or waiting for someone else to do it for them was over.  The power to do so was with man on earth as Jesus taught and it was time for them to realize that and start doing so to be His disciple.

Then we see Jesus telling them not to follow what had been their traditions… but when you pray, go to your secret place, shut the door and pray to the Father in secret…. stop giving to other people so that they can give back to you or expecting that if you give to them… they should.  Stop giving so that you are seen of men… let no one know what you’re doing… but do it none the less.

Then what?  Jesus is recorded to have said that those that keep His commandments that He will manifest Himself to them, and that the Father and He will come to the one doing so and make their abode with the one doing so… and that the “kingdom of God is within you”…. as well as that man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God to him… that God knows what ye have need of BEFORE you ask and also teaches His disciples that as the birds of the air have been provided for… and the lilies of the field… the same provisions are within them…. so there is nothing lacking… nothing missing!

No more blaming the devil or demons… the power to cast them out was given.  No more waiting on someone else to do something for you…. you have the power to do it for yourself and its up to you to do so.  So there was a “revolution” in actions and in thinking that took place…. that was commanded to be followed to “know the truth, and the truth shall make you free”.

This is the very thing that was “hidden from them from their beginning” that Jesus was revealing to them… so that they too would abide in Him as He did with the Father, and that one would be as His Master is…. Jesus was one with the Father… saying where you seen Him, one had seen the Father….

His teachings and commandments show taking a person from being a “sheep” to standing upright and doing what it is that is within one that is to be done… to using the abilities that we are each given within us to reason, think, explore, imagine, as well as follow our own hearts, what is written on them, and in our own minds…. not follow ANOTHER!

Jesus’ mission was to “let go the captives”… to share the “way” for the “sheep” to be set free … to know the truth… the very truth would make them free according to Jesus…. not to follow another… not to be a “sheep” to another shepherd…because as Jesus said… one cannot serve two masters…

So I’d encourage anyone reading this to go back and carefully examine what the record of the bible is on the teachings and commandments of Jesus.  Pay careful attention to who it was that He spoke what to… and also pay careful attention to who it was that He called to come to Him… and who came and were set free from the traditions of men and the doctrines of men. … to be hearing from God, that which is within, learning from and being taught by God, (that which is within you.. what is written on your own heart and mind) ….  NOT to follow another and return to being a “sheep”!!

Let’s remember that the bible has also been telling us all for a very long time now that the issues that were created in man’s life from the beginning was the direct result of having “hearkened to the voice of another”  regarding what God knows, what God said, or what God didn’t say….. and followed another!

So have a wonderful day …. ♥

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