“Rifts” in our Communities….

What is causing so many “rifts” in our communities today?  What is it that is making people so convinced that they “know all things” to the point of saying what one is to do or not to do in matters pertaining to God?

Not one of us.. no matter what we might think otherwise, “knows all things”, but more importantly, IMO, the bible has been sharing with all its readers, no matter believer or not,  what resulted in man’s life as a result of hearkening to the voice of another who was not GOD on matters pertaining to GOD and what it was that GOD knew or didn’t know… what he needed to do to be more like God… etc.

Yet isn’t that what is going on everywhere… people trying to get others to hearken to their voices… trying to tell others what God says, what God is, what they need to do or not do, all of those things… rather than realizing that in them doing so… they are not only themselves often times doing so having hearkened to the voice of another themselves, and are now trying to get others to do so as well.

The bible states man is to live by what proceeds from the mouth of God to him. That if any man lacks wisdom, he is to ASK GOD who gives to all men liberally…. and Jesus is recorded in the pages of the bible to have given clear instructions as to what was to be taught to the nations … “teaching them to observe whatsoever commandments I have given ye”…. not about who God is, who Jesus is, what God will do or not do… what God has done or not done… that was all to come from the MOUTH OF GOD as well….

So surely we have to question how many really even know what it is that the bible records JESUS CHRIST actually saying…. and what it is that the “lesson/message” from the beginning of the bible has been telling us all for so long…

It doesn’t seem to be the “world” that has missed the message, rejected it.. or isn’t believing it…. and following it in a disciplined way… is it??

The “rift” between man and God, and man and his wife…. all began according to the bible for one reason…. man hearkened to the voice of another who was not GOD, rather than hearing from God and doing what it was that GOD said to him from his own beginning!!

So if we are ever to see an end to the “rifts” in our communities… and in our world… it is going to have to begin with ceasing to “hearken to the voice of another” who is not GOD on so many of these matters … especially pertaining to GOD and CHRIST, and one’s relationship or the lack of it with GOD and CHRIST…. or we’ve simply learned nothing from the opening pages of our own bibles… ourselves!! ♥♥♥

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