Picture Questions..

Okay…. I’ve had several people ask me about the picture that I am sharing here on the website, showing the tree lined road, with a person walking alone down it, only able to be seen as a shadow, so let me explain why that picture.

Many of you are aware that I changed the format, (by request) last year to a “blog” format so that not only I could share my posts, but also provide a place where comments/discussions could be posted directly to the site, so when I decided to use WordPress, this “theme” is the one that came up at the time, and the picture “spoke” to me.

It echoes the very same thing that I felt early on in my personal journey, “though none go with me, yet I will follow”….. because so much of my journey through Christianity to Christ was one that I walked “alone” or at least felt that I was.

It wasn’t that I was “alone” in the sense of without God, or without the knowing that was within me…. the “alone” that I felt was in being shown and taught what had been written in the pages of the Bible, that I could read for myself, that went so far against what I had been taught in “Christianity”.

When the “knowing” came within me, leading me to do things that I didn’t even know at the time were in the pages of the Bible, yet I knew I was to do them…… and those that I read that were in the Bible, that I had been taught to reject, and no longer did…. the “alone” and “though none go with me” began.

There had been so many times in my life that I had felt “alone”, and felt it ‘wasn’t good to be alone” only to realize that it was in those times, when I walked alone…. that I came to realize what was within me, what was determined to see me through whatever it was that I was facing, for me to be able to see that what was within me… what had been with me from my beginning, could be trusted and known, even when others were sure that I was loosing my mind, backsliding, etc.

So this picture “speaks” of the journey, that though none go with me, yet I will still follow…. that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, (boy I’ve done that too)…. and many other passages in the bible that rang so true to me in my journey, … when I seen this picture, I knew it was to be the one that I was to use…. at least for now.

As for the logo I had before on the other site, yes that is still being used…

header_01and this one as well….

Logo5BIts just when something “speaks” to you and echoes so much without words…. you just have to let it “speak”…..


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