Who assigns the values to what we hear, read and see???

A question was asked in a group that I participate in about can we grow and learn from “positive” “constructive criticism”… which reminded me of something that I learned a long time ago by asking and analyzing the question below:

“who assigns these type of values to what it is that we hear, read or even see others doing”?

Below is what I shared in the group and will share with you today that I found by answering this question for myself.  It has was an eye opener for me and continues to be each time that I am reminded about it.

Hopefully it will be an encouragement to you as well!  ♥



What enables us to grow is to learn and understand that it is each of us, no matter what we read, hear or see, that assign the value to it.

It is positive only if I assign the value of positive to it. It is constructive if I assign that value to it, and it is criticism only when I assign that value to it. It can be none of those things without my own “value” system assigning them to each elements.

It is this understanding that I find illustrated in the opening pages of the Bible itself. The instruction to man from God was not to take of the knowledge of good and evil from another.

When the man did, the first thing that happened was his eyes were opened to a different view of himself and the rest of the world…. however when that happened, rather than understanding it as it was being shown to him, he assigned the value of “afraid” or “ashamed” and responded based on the “view” or “value” he had himself assigned to it.

Whatever any one reads that we share, hears that we say, or sees us doing will always be assigned the value of the action based on their own understanding, perception, or valuation system. It has nothing really to do with our intention or heart in having shared or done what we’ve done. The same is true for each of us as well.

When we learn this and are able to see this for ourselves…. that is when we grow and are no longer distracted by first applying values as “positive’, “negative” “constructive” “destructive” “criticism” to what we are having shared with us. We must know ourselves, and trust what is within us!!

So my encouragement would be that anytime you are experiencing something as “criticism” or even “positive” or “negative” look within yourself and see why it was that you have assigned that value.

See what basis is it that you have used to make such a determination.

See how it would be if you said those very same words to another person….. how you’d want them to be taken from you.

It is a very eye opening experience!!

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