The Attributes of God… ??

Q: Blind followers says he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, what is meaning of this.??

A:  Denise shares…..

This is an excellent point for consideration though isn’t it? You state that “blind followers say”.. but isn’t it the very writings that we all can read for ourselves, the Bible and others as well that teach from their opening pages that one is not to take the knowledge of good and evil… what God knows, what God said, what God would have man to do or not to do …. from the mouth of another?

Isn’t this the point that we are to see in all of this…. that most assign the attributes or what God does or can do or does not do based on the words or claims or what others say!

Would any of us take the word of another in such matters regarding another person in our  community?

What if the majority of this one group said that one member had such attributes… would any of us take it upon the word of another and base our daily living upon it??

So shouldn’t we be willing to ask ourselves why it is that we’ve believed such based on “hearkening to the voice” of another about such matters and then blame or insult or malign someone based on the claims of another??  Do we blame God or give credit to God for doing something… or not… based on what another has said God would do or not do??  Isn’t one speaking for God….. who is not God to do so?

Isn’t doing this very thing what the opening pages of the Bible itself warns the man from his beginning against doing??  Doesn’t the opening pages of the bible share with us that the “beguilement” involved someone that was not God saying what God said, what God knows, what God would have one to do or not to do??  Isn’t  that what has been said to be the “downfall” of man from man’s beginning??  So don’t we have to question then why today, we’d take from anyone …. who is not God… what God says, what God knows, what God would have each of us to do or not to do because of the words of another who is not God??  Wouldn’t doing that and patterning our living accordingly be simply repeating what Adam did from the beginning???

Does one person or even a group of people establish something as being true based on what they ‘say”??

Doesn’t even Jesus in the pages of the bible teach to look to what one can see for oneself.. and if one does not see evidence for oneself of such… believe it not because of the words??

Another point to consider is that if Jesus doesn’t ask anyone to believe something because of words… instructs them to look to the evidence that they can see for themselves… and reminds that so many things were “not so from the beginning”.   Now when we look to the beginning of the book of Genesis in the bible… the writer tells us not only what God created, but that God blessed each himself and gave instruction to each as to what it was to do or not to do himself.  There is no mention of writings, books, or other people involved or present… so ask yourself this question … would you want someone to believe something about you…. because someone else said it about you when you were not there to be the evidence of it yourself??  Why then would we believe something about God… when its said by someone else??  Shouldn’t we hear it from the source and see the evidence for ourselves….?  ♥

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