“The Leaven of the Pharisees”

Regarding the passage where Jesus warns of the “leaven of the Pharisees”.. many seem to see this as Jesus saying that one is not to keep the “laws” of God…. that under “grace” one doesn’t keep the “laws”…and yet is that what is really being said?
Would that be consistent with Jesus’ own practices, according to the bible, and what it is that the prophets all stated for years, and the “lesson/message” from the opening pages of the bible?

It seems that Jesus in sharing this warning is doing so in keeping with what the prophets stated, as well as was Jesus’ words as well… that man is to live by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God to him/her. That all are to be taught by God, to hear from God and to learn from God. That it is from the mouth of God that wisdom, understanding and knowledge comes… and that “hearkening to the voice of another” about God, or what one is to do or not to do, what God knows, or what one is to do to be like God, is NOT to come from the mouth of any other who is NOT GOD!

Whatever it is that proceeds from the mouth of God, what one is to do and not to do, is to be done…. the commandments and laws that God gives to each of us, that He writes in the heart and on the mind, and reveals to us is what is to be done…. we are not to be found to repeat what ADAM DID and hearken to the voice of another in matters pertaining to God, our relationship with God, nor what God would have us to do from the mouth of anyone who is NOT GOD.. no matter what they claim for themselves or say of themselves or how highly esteemed among men that they might be.

As was Jesus’ own “way” and example… “I do nothing other than what it is that the FATHER gives me to do… I speak what it is that the Father gives me to speak”… and “the commandments that the Father has given to me, I have kept”….

So as the bible illustrates, and teaches from the beginning.. it is God that not only created all things, but blessed them and SPOKE TO EACH saying what it was that they were to do.. or not to do HIMSELF!!

There was to be no “hearkening to the voice of another” who is not God, from man’s beginning!
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