What’s next…. the first step in “doing”….

As I shared in the articles the other day, “I knew” and “It’s the doing that is difficult”… many are able to see that in most cases we do know what it is that we are to do, but we find ourselves struggling with “what’s next”?

Where do we go now that we realize that we know what it is that we are to do…. but have no clue in how to start doing what it is that we know to do… and how to stop all the struggles and opposition that we see and feel going on inside of us that makes the “doing” so difficult….

So let me share with you a few things to consider as “first steps in doing”…. which is to stop doing!  Now what does that mean I can hear some of you screaming at this point.  Hang in there… I’ll explain that part now…

See what creates the struggles and the difficulty in the “doing” of what it is that we know are the things we see in opposition to the knowing.  It’s all those thoughts and ideas that have come flooding into your thinking as a result of what others will say, what they will think, what they have said or are saying…. most of which are based on “fear” or what causes us to be “afraid”.

We see from the pages of the bible, that the first thing that Adam is shown to have experienced as a result of listening to what someone else told him or said to him was that he was “afraid”…. and yet how did that fear result in his life?

He wasn’t afraid before…. and knowing what you are to do is not what makes any of us afraid… that is what gives us  peace within ….

So what we need to see here is that we have to do as we’d do if we were on a highway driving and realized that we were going in the wrong direction…. the moment you realize it…. you get to a safe place along the highway and you make a U-turn.  Often time you will have to drive down the same highway in the opposite direction a little way, (depending on how far down the road you’ve gone before you realized you’re going in the wrong direction)  to get to the place you made the “wrong” turn.

(Remember though not to focus on how far down the road you’ve gone before realizing you’re going in the wrong direction… be glad you realized it, know what you need to do and are back on track in the right direction!! )

This is the same process…. once you realize that you have allowed the voice of another to influence you, that you’ve taken their opinion and their view of you, your situation, who you are what you are into yourself and have started acting upon it…. you have to change directions… and how is that done.  It is simple… STOP!!  Stop doing what you did.

This is the first thing we all have to do when we’re on the highway and realize we’re going in the wrong direction.  We realize it… and STOP going in that direction.  We stop doing what we just realized was not for us to be doing…. that is the first step!!

Then It is to go back down the highway to the point of where you started going in the wrong direction… when that first word you heard, that you took into yourself.. that you allowed to influence what you thought of your situation or yourself.  The first thought/syllable/word/feeling that caused you to change the direction you KNEW you were to be going in…see how it started what little curve in the road it often times was… or how you were distracted and weren’t paying attention…. and wound up finding yourself going in the wrong direction.

See then when you do this.. not only STOP going in the wrong direction, but turn around and go back down the same highway again…. seeing where you took that wrong turn or missed the path you KNEW…. you not only see what happened, but you can then realize how important it will be as you venture down this highway of life, to pay attention this time so that you don’t miss that first signal..that slight bend in the road… those first words that you heard that you took into yourself that caused you to go in a direction other than what you knew you were to go in.

It’s really that simple… when we can see that any time that we take the opinion and views that someone else has of us, or about our situation into ourselves, it will cause us fear, we’ll be afraid and it will bring on a lot of other emotions… rebellion, anger, hostility, hurt, and the list goes on…. but the reason all of that started… is because we listened and paid attention to what someone else said about us or to us and changed direction in our life according to it rather than what it is that we KNOW for ourselves.

So to take the first step in the “doing” of what one knows within oneself, is to STOP DOING what has been done in the past…. stop taking those other opinions unto yourself, and allowing them to change the direction you’re going in…. and watch for the signals within you each time that someone says something to you…. and simply don’t take it into yourself.

Know who you are… know what it is that you are to do and don’t let anyone else turn you from what you know you’re to do…. and the first step of the “doing” is done!!

Stop doing what you’ve been doing in the past that got you here…. be diligent not to “hearken to the voice of another” now that you see how it all got started in your own life… and reflect on all those times that you KNEW what it was that you were to do… and what caused you difficulties in the “doing” of it… and you’ll see for yourself that the first “doing” was to listen to their opinions of you, your situation,  your position with God, or Jesus, what God thought of you, said about you, and so many other examples that I could continue on sharing here… but the core point is that when we understand how all of this started and starts for each of us…. it is the direct result of “hearkening to the voice of another”…. and the first step in “doing” what we know we are to do… is to simply STOP “hearkening to the voice of another”!!

There would not have been any “transgression” of what Adam knew He was not to do had he simply NOT LISTENED to what someone else said to him and followed what they said rather than what it was that he KNEW!!!

When we stop listening to what the opinions of others are about what we know we are to do…. then we put an end to most of the difficulties in our lives in doing what it is we know we are to do…. and will cease all the striving as well…. cause all of that comes as a result of having “hearkened to the voice of another” and taking into yourself what they say or think rather than what it is that you KNOW!!

Another amazing and profound instruction from the bible that has been there right before most of our eyes for a very long time is the passage that states “woe to the rebellious children, who take counsel but not of God”…. for it is when we rebel against the counsel given within us that we too become rebellious and bring a lot of other mess into our lives..

Be encouraged today … Know who you are… know what you know… and make your day simple…. don’t occupy it with “doing” based on the views and opinions of others…. remember you are a human “BEING”… just BE!!!

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