Response to Prayer request for God to send a righteous leader …..

Today there was an article that was posted on a well known website that I was sent a copy of that was asking people to pray for God to send righteous leaders to lead us today… where the author quoted this… ”

“we need men and women of God in leadership both in and out of the church who will lead us there.”

I won’t mention the entire article or the source of it, because frankly I don’t want to consider postings so much that goes totally against what we can each read in the pages of the bible said by Jesus  for ourselves…. however…. I will post here my response to the article… and encourage each of you to read it and read the bible for yourselves.

Be not deceived…. is Jesus’ words!!

So here is my response to the call to pray for God to send righteous leaders to us today……

Denise said: Why is the question… does not the bible itself state that if one will not hear Moses one would not hear one raised from the dead… and we have the words and teachings of Jesus in the pages of the bibles we have today… the words/teachings of the one that so many claim to believe is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, God incarnate…. and yet we have people today saying that we need men and women of God in leadership .. that we need God to raise up new leaders…. why? Isn’t the one God already sent, and raised up enough? Can we not each read for ourselves in the pages of the bible the words of the one God sent and raised up and follow His lead??

Jesus’ instruction in the bible are simple… my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow. So aren’t you simply asking more and more people to go against the one that was already sent and raised up …. to be lead and guided by the teachings of another… in direct opposition to the one that so many say they believe God sent and raised up???

Why ask people to pray for God to raise up another leader… to raise up another that will lead people… another for people to follow when we know that the words of Jesus say that those that are His will not follow another. Either you are encouraging people to totally reject the words of Jesus Christ in the pages of the bible…. or you simply don’t know what it is that they say… and are simply doing as many others are… following another who is not Christ.

So don’t use the same “blame” game that Adam tried in the beginning when not doing as he knew God said that was to be done. It didn’t work then and it won’t work in a world filled with people that know what the bible states that Jesus said in those pages…. know what it is that the writers tell us that God gave Jesus to speak to those that were chosen to be His disciples…. man formed of the dust of the ground is the one that continues to refuse to follow what it is that God and His Christ has said… and then want to “blame” someone else.

We have billions of bibles … they have been distributed all over the world… we have the ability to read them for ourselves…. and they provide in most of them the words of Jesus the one that God sent and raised up and commanded man to “hear him”… written in red, leaping from those pages so as not to be missed or ignored… and Jesus said if YOU love me keep my commandments… and My sheep hear MY voice and ANOTHER they will NOT FOLLOW…. how much more clearer does it have to be?

How can anyone ask us to pray for God to send righteous leaders … how can anyone say that we today are in need of a righteous leader… without denying first that one has already been sent, declared righteous… well pleasing to God… and the only one that according to the writings God is shown upon the mouth of two or more to have commanded man to “HEAR HIM”…. without denying Jesus Christ whom God has sent???

Read the bible people.. read what it states that Jesus said…and if you love him.. .keep His commandments… follow His lead … you have no need for any other…. to teach you.. for ye all shall be taught by God … by the one that was already SENT over 2000+ years ago!!!

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