We have to have the Bible and other writings…Don’t we?

Q:  Don’t we have to have the bible and other religions writings for us to know how we’re to live and what the various religious teachings and practices are??  Can anything else teach us these things??

A:  Denise shares….

Can’t we likewise see this also in nature that surrounds us… even if we have no books or writings to read? When we look at all other species that share this planet with us… that don’t refer to books or writings or have reason to read or study any of them… do they not also show us that each of them do what is given within each and do not define themselves by religion or practices??

So yes, when we read the writings, such as the opening pages of book of Genesis in the bible, we can see that so many of these things began when man “hearkened to the voice” of another in such matters… took instruction about God, what God knows, what God would have one to do or not to do, or what one was to do to become more like God from the mouth of another in the garden with man.

There are no other species outlined in any of the writings that take from another the “knowledge of good and evil” nor that “hearken to the voice” of another regarding matters pertaining to God…. and yet shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why we have???

Wouldn’t that mean that we have in essence rejected or are ignoring the very “message/lesson/teaching ” from the opening pages of those very writings that so many of us have based “beliefs” upon??

Wasn’t it in those opening pages that we find the first “thou shalt not” given to man that was put on earth not to partake of the knowledge of good and evil…. not to take knowledge of what God knows, what God said, what God would have one to do or not to do from the mouth of any other??

Isn’t it those very opening pages that share with the reader that this was given to each from its beginning by  God himself… that within each was given all that one would have need of, the abilities and capabilities to know this for oneself…. and thus the first commandment of “thou shalt not” given because man was to never look outside himself or hearken to the voice of another in matters pertaining to what God said, what God knows, and what God would have man to do or not to do ???

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