If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?

This is an excellent question to consider …. however when we reflect on everything that surrounds us, that provides to us abundant evidence of life and living we can see quickly that there is no other species that determines for another … what it is to believe, what God or gods there are, how many, nor mandate that other species live and pattern their living after whatever it is that has been given to another.

Each lives by whatever it is that has been given within itself. It uses those abilities that were given to it… to lead it, guide it, teach it, provide for it and protect itself. The cat does not say to the dog, there is but one God and therefore you must follow my religion or my practice …. nor does the dog say such to the cat. The oak tree does not say the same to the pine tree…. and yet there isn’t even a mandate among them all to “be a good whatever they are”.

What the opening pages of the bible and many other teachings share with each of us is that “God” created all things, blessed each, giving each himself whatever it was to do or not to do …. put within them all that they were to know and have … and man came afterwards… having from his beginning all that he would have need of before asking as well.

So the question to be considered is who has convinced us … what voice in this garden of ours have we “hearkened to” that has convinced us that we have to follow or practice what any other does or is given within them to do…. or to live our own lives patterned after anything or any “practice” other than what is given within each of us? Does the seed come forth and become what is within it or does it come forth only through the instruction and direction of another seed or another plant in the garden with it?

When the writers share “love the Lord THY God with all YOUR heart”…or “if YOU love me, keep my commandments”…. and we look around and carefully examine all things… including the sun and the moon… don’t we see echoed the same message…. that one is to do what is given within each… that one becomes whatever it is that it is to become, by the utilization of all that is given within itself…. and has from its beginning?

So maybe the “one true God” is simply a reference to the understanding that one is given within each of us…. no matter human or animal… planet or plant… all that it is to have or be, the abilities to have whatever it is that one is given … and that the “one true God” is that which is within each of us…. not the result of trying to have others “practice” or follow beliefs, or religions, or “another god” other than what is given within each of us!!

I personally see illustrated in the interaction of all species on the planet with us other than us humans this amazing and wonderful harmony and truth… they co-exist with each other without ideas of God, or religions outside themselves…. and each of them doing as is given for them to do… is provided for, not only for themselves from within but that which is within them teaches, leads and guides them…

By each one doing as they were given to do… becomes a part of the whole… a part of whatever it is that another will have need of… and doing as is given for each to do is how the entire “universe” lives and thrives and has had its “being” ….

So have we missed the “message” of all religions… all faiths… all philosophies… and the abundant evidence that surrounds us of this having gone on and happening among all things other than us humans for many thousands of years???? Has the answer to this been “right at hand” for us humans from our beginning??? Surely seems so… doesn’t it??

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