Different Religions.. yet how can we live in harmony?

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Q:  I can understand that people from different countries and cultures may have different inclinations. Therefore, different religions may have been sent to them. If people following these different religions lived in harmony, it would have been fine. The crusades, partition riots, the Palestinian situation all show that differences in religion always land up causing strife. Even if we cannot have everybody following the same religion, can we make successful efforts to ensure that all live in harmony?

A: Denise shared… ”

Don’t we have to consider though why it is that we’ve had the crusades, riots, etc? Isn’t it wasn’t so many of those things the idea or thinking or religious belief that all must be the same… that one is to “convert” others to their own.. or that all must “belief” or “practice” in the same way…. thus the differences point out a need to be “conformed” rather than the opposite?

Is it really the differences in various religions that is causing the strife among us.. or is it the idea and thinking of those in those various religions that they have to mandate or “convert” others that don’t share them to their religion?

Each of us, no matter who we are or where we are born has a unique DNA… we have a unique fingerprint… and we are individually named, and identified… so why would we think that we all have to be the same.. or have the same “beliefs” or “opinions” or views??

Look to nature on this point as well. My dog does not require that the neighbor cat must believe as he does, or share the same religion or opinion or anything else with him for him to enjoy the interaction he has with the cat. However that interaction with the one cat will not be the same for him with all other cats. Each as is given within them …. will gravitate or relate to those that are similar or are reflective as Williams points out that have something among them “common”…. all based on whatever is within it. The same can be seen in even plants that we grow in the ground. Some will grow in harmony with others surrounding them or even entwine with them…. and others won’t.. simply based on whatever is given within each accordingly.

What if we humans interacted that way as well. What if we related one to another based only on whatever it is that is given within each of us for ourselves! What whatever it is that we have within us is trusted to the extent of making known to us who we are to relate to, who we are not to, and that its to be done as is given one to another… without any mandate from outside ourselves through religions, nationalities, beliefs, etc??

It seems to me pretty evident that there are no other species that share this planet with us that have any problems with the beliefs or the practices of any other of its own species… or other species….. do they? I have seen a newborn baby brought into a room with a group of people respond differently to each human it encounters… being at peace and comfortable around one… fretting around another… and yet is that based on the baby knowing the religious practices or beliefs of the person? Or is it simply given within the infant the abilities and capabilities to know for itself in whom it is to relate or not??

So it seems that there should be no problem with multiple religions… until or unless those religions mandate that we all must be “conformed” to or “convert” to those of another…. or used one against another to divide us …. rather than simply each trusting whatever it is that is within each of us to make known to us …. whatever it is that is given for us to do and to know for ourselves. ♥

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