If I know God, then why do I fear or lack courage??

Q:  “If I know God, then why do I fear or lack courage…? Am I knowing Higher God and living a Lower Life…? Is it a faulty Belief…? With Religion prevailing all over why one does not live for a Higher cause…? Or is saying one knows God just for belief and convenience…? Is God only for personal survival..? ”

A:  Denise shares….

Higher life, lower life form is that not also something that only us human’s factor into our ‘thinking” and yet what is that based upon?

Does anything in nature see itself in these terms? Does the one say it is living a lower life form than another… or the higher?

I love all the questions you ask here…. each of them point out to us a preconceived notion that is often time the result of a distinction created in the mind, then believed to be true based on what though is the question.

Is there any species other than us human that looks to itself in those moments that it might be experiencing fear and question itself to its “belief” in God and see itself as “lacking” because it sees itself to be devoid of fear, based on whether it knows God or doesn’t?

Does the bird say to the termite, why don’t you live a higher level… or say to the termite if you knew God you would not be living in the lower form that you are?

What is higher form or lower form to any species other than us human’s?? Isn’t that the question for us humans to consider??

What profession of “belief” does the bird make to the tree or the tree to the bird?

Does it make any “self profession” of its “beliefs” or base its interactions one with another upon its “beliefs” or the lack of them?

What affect on the personal survival of the bird, or the tree, or the earth is there as a result of belief in God or the lack of a belief in God??

Does the earth have a belief in God for its personal survival.. or the bird… or the tree?

Does it cease to survive or have no means for its personal survival other than through a belief in God?? Does one say to another that the lack of belief in God will result in it not being able to personally survive… or have this or that?

It doesn’t seem to be so among other species that share this amazing place with us humans…. so maybe the question to consider in all of this would be why does it with us humans?? Isn’t that what the many writings, teachings and all of nature itself has been sharing with us all for a very long time????

That within each of us… no matter who we are… where we are born… we have all that each has need of without asking…. that it all has been given within each of us… to be whatever it is that we are meant to be…. and that when each of us, do as is given within each of us from our beginning… as does all other species besides us humans… then we can live as nature does… in the harmony/balance by “default” or “design” or “that which is within each” … as each is given to “be”!

When each of us sense fear… we know it is given in that moment for us.. it is for our protection… and we are to simply respond to it much as any other species would.

When we think that we lack courage… do we question by what are we comparing ourselves to see any “lack” in our being?  If we are seeing “lack” then we’re doing a comparison with something else…and when we are doing that…. then we are denying within ourselves the unique beings that we are… that unique DNA and that unique fingerprint that no one else has but you.  So how can you compare yourself to see yourself lacking anything when you are the original??

Knowing yourself… knowing the amazing unique being that you are… how each cell of your body knows within itself whatever it is to do or not to do… and does so …. letting every other cell in your body do the same… without any comparison… knowing that there is within each cell all that it has need to know and the ability to do it as it is given to do… is evidence of Jesus’ words that the Father knew whatever it was that you’d have need of before you asked for it… provided it… and you’re unique… no reason to compare or compete… for you lack nothing.

Remember… it is from the opening pages of the bible that we see that it was only when man thought he lacked something that he took it from another… and got himself in a mess by doing so.  He didn’t lack anything…. so no reason to have taken it or been fed it from any other…. so don’t let yourself see yourself in lack… lack of courage… lack of anything… and that will help you know YOU.. and know God that is within you as well!!

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