What are we speaking about when we speak about “beliefs”?

Q:  When we share with each other the various points regarding our “beliefs” no matter what religion they are associated with….. what is it that we are really talking about?

A:  Denise shared…..

Isn’t the point to consider in all of this that we are all speaking of or about “beliefs” … that have first line “premise” or a “foundation” built upon the label, distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true about God, what attributes God would have, that there is only one God, that there is “truth” and then there is “real truth” … but isn’t all of this… based on the distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true… ??

Isn’t this the point that those like Buddha, Christ, and many others are pointing out to us… that all of these things begin with the labels or terms we use, and the distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true about them… which then blinds us or keeps us from seeing anything other than what we have first “believed” to be true? (our beliefs)

Don’t we have sufficient evidence surrounding each of us no matter who we are and where were born…. to point out to us that nature and all besides us human beings live based simply upon whatever is given within them …. that leads them and guides them… and was given for their learning…. without such distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true??

Does the plant say to the animal there is but one path, one God and this is how this one God acts, performs or these are the attributes of this God? Does one animal say to another animal…. this is “truth” and this is “real truth”…. or tell one another or other species that they are to walk a path to find God, or that they are to practice or follow rituals that make them eligible or acceptable to God? Or is it that whatever is within each… as it follows and does as it is given…. does the leading, guiding, and teaching that each will have need of to survive, and live in harmony with others of its own species, as well as in harmony with all that is in the world with it??

How can we even consider looking to see God in anyone… unless we have first created some distinction in our own minds as to what God is, what God would look like, what God would behave like, to do the “comparative” analysis for ourselves to determine if we are seeing God in another? Aren’t we simply seeing in another or not seeing in another our own perception or distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true?

Does any other species that shares this planet with us…. look to one another in an effort to try to see God in them or not? To look for evidence that God is in them or with them or leading and guiding them or even providing for them??? Isn’t this what is able to be seen in all of nature, other than in us human beings when we separate ourselves from our “beliefs” long enough to look to the sky … or to all that surrounds us and watch and learn from it??

Don’t we have to consider as human beings why it is that we’ve created such distinctions in our minds, then believed them to be true… and responding and reacting to others in this amazing place based on anything other than what has been simply given to each of us from our own beginning…. as given to all other living species that share this wonderful amazing place with us?

Do we ask the tree what is your belief and do you believe in God before we enjoy its shade or the air it is filtering for each of us to breathe? Isn’t it simply providing all that each of us would have need of and fulfilling its own purpose in doing and being whatever it is that was given within it .. from its beginning…. without having to have beliefs, God, gods, or any other or even itself creating such distinctions?? Does the animal know simply within itself what it is to remove itself from… or toward … simply based on what is given within itself??

Isn’t this what Jesus was sharing by saying “the kingdom of God is within you”, and “the Father knew what you would have need of before you ask”… “look to the birds of the air.. the lilies of the field”….. all that they have need of has been provided within each!!

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