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The Attributes of God… ??

Q: Blind followers says he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, what is meaning of this.?? A:  Denise shares….. This is an excellent point for consideration though isn’t it? You state that “blind followers say”.. but isn’t it the very writings that … Continue reading

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What are we speaking about when we speak about “beliefs”?

Q:  When we share with each other the various points regarding our “beliefs” no matter what religion they are associated with….. what is it that we are really talking about? A:  Denise shared….. Isn’t the point to consider in all … Continue reading

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Q&A- What Faith are you?

Q. What faith are you? A. Most people ask this question meaning “what religious affiliation or denomination are you”? This allows the person posing the question to determine by your response what “core” beliefs that you associate yourself with. Most … Continue reading

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