Discussions, Questions, Considerations…. what are they to you??

For me, and maybe only me, discussions are exchanges between people including questions to be considered regarding statements that are made, thoughts that are shared, or simply the exchange of one’s own personal experiences of living with another.

I don’t look to anyone to give me answers that I am to simply take at face value or without questioning.  I likewise don’t give any answers that I would ask you or anyone to simply take at face value, accept, or believe, without questioning or looking for the evidence of such in your own lives… or in other words.. find out the answers from within you!!

For me, and from what I see in everything else… all that one has need of, including whatever answers to questions that arise, is to come from within each.

I found it to be a very profound and enlightening “lesson/message” in the opening pages of Genesis regarding the instruction NOT to “partake of the knowledge of good and evil” from another in the garden… and most assuredly in regard to God, what God said, what God would have one to do or not to do.

It had not been my personal experience to have done so, so when I read the bible for myself, and its opening pages shared that point, which had been there available for many to read for themselves for so long, it was and still is a bit difficult for me to reconcile why so many knowing what the bible states in its opening pages would seemingly go against its lesson, and try to tell others about God, what God said, what God knows, or what God does…. one to another, when so many seem to share a belief that it was in the doing of this very thing, that the beguilement resulted, which “brought sin into the world”, or as some in Christianity mention, was the reason that man’s nature was changed according to their belief.

That simply seems to be like saying, something similar to, “my belief is that the first man heard from God what he was not to do directly, went against it and listened to what someone else told him to do or gave him to do, and his actions altered the entire nature of mankind from that point on…. God had to fix that by sending Jesus… and now that it has happened, we’re all going to now do the same thing that the serpent did in the garden, by sharing what God says, what God knows, or what God would have one to do or not to do in this garden with us… as if we don’t really believe it changed the nature of man when that happened”.

If one considers that this one action had the power to alter the nature of man, from being perfect to being imperfect, to the “sinful nature” some believe all were born with… then why repeat doing what caused that to happen today? Wouldn’t that be something to consider??

Each of us know whatever questions we have, can arrive at answers for them from within ourselves. We are to utilize the capabilities that we’ve all been given from our beginning… that the Father knew that each would have need of before they asked, and had provided as Jesus is shown to have taught…. to “know the truth” for oneself… “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make YOU free”… “if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, who gives wisdom to all men liberally”….

So taking answers from someone else about such matters seems to be going against all those points the bible outlines as I read it for myself, most assuredly what is recorded to have been the words of Jesus that so many say they believe was God.

I see no other species that shares this amazing place with us, looking to another for an answer… as their own curiosity or inquiry arises within them, they do their own investigation, exploration, or whatever is given to them as well for them to reach whatever answer it is that they have need of… so I see nothing different with us humans in that regard.

Seek and YE shall find isn’t the same to me as “ask someone and take their answer”.

So, to further clarify, I am not asking questions in an attempt to ‘require’ anyone provide me the answer…. nor do I post to provide anyone an answer.

I encourage all to look within themselves … to do their own research… follow whatever inquiry arises in them…about anything.. and likewise follow what is given within them, to lead them toward the answer that they have need of for themselves.

“Ye shall know the truth” to me is not, “ye shall hear the truth from someone else and must believed it to be true without question”…

What we share one with another is at best a limited understanding, in a single moment in time, subject to change as we learn and grow together, and have more and more personal experiences in our own lives…

So given that understanding how can any of us think we are providing an “answer” to another that is the totality of all that could possibly be known on any topic?

Wouldn’t one have to consider oneself to be “all knowing in all things” to provide an “answer’ to another??  We can speak for ourselves.. we can share whatever understanding or wisdom we have garnered for ourselves along our journey and path in life… it will not however be the same for us all…. it is given for each to know for oneself…. what is written on one’s own heart.. and on one’s own mind….not to be taught by another… nor teaching another that answers are to come from hearkening to the voice of another in this amazing garden with us… especially about God, what God says.. what God knows… what God would have us to do or not to do!! ♥♥

All the answers are within you…..

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