The Attributes of God… ??

Q: Blind followers says he is omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, what is meaning of this.??

A:  Denise shares…..

This is an excellent point for consideration though isn’t it? You state that “blind followers say”.. but isn’t it the very writings that we all can read for ourselves, the Bible and others as well that teach from their opening pages that one is not to take the knowledge of good and evil… what God knows, what God said, what God would have man to do or not to do …. from the mouth of another?

Isn’t this the point that we are to see in all of this…. that most assign the attributes or what God does or can do or does not do based on the words or claims or what others say!

Would any of us take the word of another in such matters regarding another person in our  community?

What if the majority of this one group said that one member had such attributes… would any of us take it upon the word of another and base our daily living upon it??

So shouldn’t we be willing to ask ourselves why it is that we’ve believed such based on “hearkening to the voice” of another about such matters and then blame or insult or malign someone based on the claims of another??  Do we blame God or give credit to God for doing something… or not… based on what another has said God would do or not do??  Isn’t one speaking for God….. who is not God to do so?

Isn’t doing this very thing what the opening pages of the Bible itself warns the man from his beginning against doing??  Doesn’t the opening pages of the bible share with us that the “beguilement” involved someone that was not God saying what God said, what God knows, what God would have one to do or not to do??  Isn’t  that what has been said to be the “downfall” of man from man’s beginning??  So don’t we have to question then why today, we’d take from anyone …. who is not God… what God says, what God knows, what God would have each of us to do or not to do because of the words of another who is not God??  Wouldn’t doing that and patterning our living accordingly be simply repeating what Adam did from the beginning???

Does one person or even a group of people establish something as being true based on what they ‘say”??

Doesn’t even Jesus in the pages of the bible teach to look to what one can see for oneself.. and if one does not see evidence for oneself of such… believe it not because of the words??

Another point to consider is that if Jesus doesn’t ask anyone to believe something because of words… instructs them to look to the evidence that they can see for themselves… and reminds that so many things were “not so from the beginning”.   Now when we look to the beginning of the book of Genesis in the bible… the writer tells us not only what God created, but that God blessed each himself and gave instruction to each as to what it was to do or not to do himself.  There is no mention of writings, books, or other people involved or present… so ask yourself this question … would you want someone to believe something about you…. because someone else said it about you when you were not there to be the evidence of it yourself??  Why then would we believe something about God… when its said by someone else??  Shouldn’t we hear it from the source and see the evidence for ourselves….?  ♥

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Response to Prayer request for God to send a righteous leader …..

Today there was an article that was posted on a well known website that I was sent a copy of that was asking people to pray for God to send righteous leaders to lead us today… where the author quoted this… ”

“we need men and women of God in leadership both in and out of the church who will lead us there.”

I won’t mention the entire article or the source of it, because frankly I don’t want to consider postings so much that goes totally against what we can each read in the pages of the bible said by Jesus  for ourselves…. however…. I will post here my response to the article… and encourage each of you to read it and read the bible for yourselves.

Be not deceived…. is Jesus’ words!!

So here is my response to the call to pray for God to send righteous leaders to us today……

Denise said: Why is the question… does not the bible itself state that if one will not hear Moses one would not hear one raised from the dead… and we have the words and teachings of Jesus in the pages of the bibles we have today… the words/teachings of the one that so many claim to believe is the Son of God, the Savior of the world, God incarnate…. and yet we have people today saying that we need men and women of God in leadership .. that we need God to raise up new leaders…. why? Isn’t the one God already sent, and raised up enough? Can we not each read for ourselves in the pages of the bible the words of the one God sent and raised up and follow His lead??

Jesus’ instruction in the bible are simple… my sheep hear my voice and another they will not follow. So aren’t you simply asking more and more people to go against the one that was already sent and raised up …. to be lead and guided by the teachings of another… in direct opposition to the one that so many say they believe God sent and raised up???

Why ask people to pray for God to raise up another leader… to raise up another that will lead people… another for people to follow when we know that the words of Jesus say that those that are His will not follow another. Either you are encouraging people to totally reject the words of Jesus Christ in the pages of the bible…. or you simply don’t know what it is that they say… and are simply doing as many others are… following another who is not Christ.

So don’t use the same “blame” game that Adam tried in the beginning when not doing as he knew God said that was to be done. It didn’t work then and it won’t work in a world filled with people that know what the bible states that Jesus said in those pages…. know what it is that the writers tell us that God gave Jesus to speak to those that were chosen to be His disciples…. man formed of the dust of the ground is the one that continues to refuse to follow what it is that God and His Christ has said… and then want to “blame” someone else.

We have billions of bibles … they have been distributed all over the world… we have the ability to read them for ourselves…. and they provide in most of them the words of Jesus the one that God sent and raised up and commanded man to “hear him”… written in red, leaping from those pages so as not to be missed or ignored… and Jesus said if YOU love me keep my commandments… and My sheep hear MY voice and ANOTHER they will NOT FOLLOW…. how much more clearer does it have to be?

How can anyone ask us to pray for God to send righteous leaders … how can anyone say that we today are in need of a righteous leader… without denying first that one has already been sent, declared righteous… well pleasing to God… and the only one that according to the writings God is shown upon the mouth of two or more to have commanded man to “HEAR HIM”…. without denying Jesus Christ whom God has sent???

Read the bible people.. read what it states that Jesus said…and if you love him.. .keep His commandments… follow His lead … you have no need for any other…. to teach you.. for ye all shall be taught by God … by the one that was already SENT over 2000+ years ago!!!

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We have to have the Bible and other writings…Don’t we?

Q:  Don’t we have to have the bible and other religions writings for us to know how we’re to live and what the various religious teachings and practices are??  Can anything else teach us these things??

A:  Denise shares….

Can’t we likewise see this also in nature that surrounds us… even if we have no books or writings to read? When we look at all other species that share this planet with us… that don’t refer to books or writings or have reason to read or study any of them… do they not also show us that each of them do what is given within each and do not define themselves by religion or practices??

So yes, when we read the writings, such as the opening pages of book of Genesis in the bible, we can see that so many of these things began when man “hearkened to the voice” of another in such matters… took instruction about God, what God knows, what God would have one to do or not to do, or what one was to do to become more like God from the mouth of another in the garden with man.

There are no other species outlined in any of the writings that take from another the “knowledge of good and evil” nor that “hearken to the voice” of another regarding matters pertaining to God…. and yet shouldn’t we be asking ourselves why we have???

Wouldn’t that mean that we have in essence rejected or are ignoring the very “message/lesson/teaching ” from the opening pages of those very writings that so many of us have based “beliefs” upon??

Wasn’t it in those opening pages that we find the first “thou shalt not” given to man that was put on earth not to partake of the knowledge of good and evil…. not to take knowledge of what God knows, what God said, what God would have one to do or not to do from the mouth of any other??

Isn’t it those very opening pages that share with the reader that this was given to each from its beginning by  God himself… that within each was given all that one would have need of, the abilities and capabilities to know this for oneself…. and thus the first commandment of “thou shalt not” given because man was to never look outside himself or hearken to the voice of another in matters pertaining to what God said, what God knows, and what God would have man to do or not to do ???

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What are we speaking about when we speak about “beliefs”?

Q:  When we share with each other the various points regarding our “beliefs” no matter what religion they are associated with….. what is it that we are really talking about?

A:  Denise shared…..

Isn’t the point to consider in all of this that we are all speaking of or about “beliefs” … that have first line “premise” or a “foundation” built upon the label, distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true about God, what attributes God would have, that there is only one God, that there is “truth” and then there is “real truth” … but isn’t all of this… based on the distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true… ??

Isn’t this the point that those like Buddha, Christ, and many others are pointing out to us… that all of these things begin with the labels or terms we use, and the distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true about them… which then blinds us or keeps us from seeing anything other than what we have first “believed” to be true? (our beliefs)

Don’t we have sufficient evidence surrounding each of us no matter who we are and where were born…. to point out to us that nature and all besides us human beings live based simply upon whatever is given within them …. that leads them and guides them… and was given for their learning…. without such distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true??

Does the plant say to the animal there is but one path, one God and this is how this one God acts, performs or these are the attributes of this God? Does one animal say to another animal…. this is “truth” and this is “real truth”…. or tell one another or other species that they are to walk a path to find God, or that they are to practice or follow rituals that make them eligible or acceptable to God? Or is it that whatever is within each… as it follows and does as it is given…. does the leading, guiding, and teaching that each will have need of to survive, and live in harmony with others of its own species, as well as in harmony with all that is in the world with it??

How can we even consider looking to see God in anyone… unless we have first created some distinction in our own minds as to what God is, what God would look like, what God would behave like, to do the “comparative” analysis for ourselves to determine if we are seeing God in another? Aren’t we simply seeing in another or not seeing in another our own perception or distinctions created in the mind, then believed to be true?

Does any other species that shares this planet with us…. look to one another in an effort to try to see God in them or not? To look for evidence that God is in them or with them or leading and guiding them or even providing for them??? Isn’t this what is able to be seen in all of nature, other than in us human beings when we separate ourselves from our “beliefs” long enough to look to the sky … or to all that surrounds us and watch and learn from it??

Don’t we have to consider as human beings why it is that we’ve created such distinctions in our minds, then believed them to be true… and responding and reacting to others in this amazing place based on anything other than what has been simply given to each of us from our own beginning…. as given to all other living species that share this wonderful amazing place with us?

Do we ask the tree what is your belief and do you believe in God before we enjoy its shade or the air it is filtering for each of us to breathe? Isn’t it simply providing all that each of us would have need of and fulfilling its own purpose in doing and being whatever it is that was given within it .. from its beginning…. without having to have beliefs, God, gods, or any other or even itself creating such distinctions?? Does the animal know simply within itself what it is to remove itself from… or toward … simply based on what is given within itself??

Isn’t this what Jesus was sharing by saying “the kingdom of God is within you”, and “the Father knew what you would have need of before you ask”… “look to the birds of the air.. the lilies of the field”….. all that they have need of has been provided within each!!

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Different Religions.. yet how can we live in harmony?

This question was asked in a discussion group…

Q:  I can understand that people from different countries and cultures may have different inclinations. Therefore, different religions may have been sent to them. If people following these different religions lived in harmony, it would have been fine. The crusades, partition riots, the Palestinian situation all show that differences in religion always land up causing strife. Even if we cannot have everybody following the same religion, can we make successful efforts to ensure that all live in harmony?

A: Denise shared… ”

Don’t we have to consider though why it is that we’ve had the crusades, riots, etc? Isn’t it wasn’t so many of those things the idea or thinking or religious belief that all must be the same… that one is to “convert” others to their own.. or that all must “belief” or “practice” in the same way…. thus the differences point out a need to be “conformed” rather than the opposite?

Is it really the differences in various religions that is causing the strife among us.. or is it the idea and thinking of those in those various religions that they have to mandate or “convert” others that don’t share them to their religion?

Each of us, no matter who we are or where we are born has a unique DNA… we have a unique fingerprint… and we are individually named, and identified… so why would we think that we all have to be the same.. or have the same “beliefs” or “opinions” or views??

Look to nature on this point as well. My dog does not require that the neighbor cat must believe as he does, or share the same religion or opinion or anything else with him for him to enjoy the interaction he has with the cat. However that interaction with the one cat will not be the same for him with all other cats. Each as is given within them …. will gravitate or relate to those that are similar or are reflective as Williams points out that have something among them “common”…. all based on whatever is within it. The same can be seen in even plants that we grow in the ground. Some will grow in harmony with others surrounding them or even entwine with them…. and others won’t.. simply based on whatever is given within each accordingly.

What if we humans interacted that way as well. What if we related one to another based only on whatever it is that is given within each of us for ourselves! What whatever it is that we have within us is trusted to the extent of making known to us who we are to relate to, who we are not to, and that its to be done as is given one to another… without any mandate from outside ourselves through religions, nationalities, beliefs, etc??

It seems to me pretty evident that there are no other species that share this planet with us that have any problems with the beliefs or the practices of any other of its own species… or other species….. do they? I have seen a newborn baby brought into a room with a group of people respond differently to each human it encounters… being at peace and comfortable around one… fretting around another… and yet is that based on the baby knowing the religious practices or beliefs of the person? Or is it simply given within the infant the abilities and capabilities to know for itself in whom it is to relate or not??

So it seems that there should be no problem with multiple religions… until or unless those religions mandate that we all must be “conformed” to or “convert” to those of another…. or used one against another to divide us …. rather than simply each trusting whatever it is that is within each of us to make known to us …. whatever it is that is given for us to do and to know for ourselves. ♥

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If there is only one God, why are there so many religions?

This is an excellent question to consider …. however when we reflect on everything that surrounds us, that provides to us abundant evidence of life and living we can see quickly that there is no other species that determines for another … what it is to believe, what God or gods there are, how many, nor mandate that other species live and pattern their living after whatever it is that has been given to another.

Each lives by whatever it is that has been given within itself. It uses those abilities that were given to it… to lead it, guide it, teach it, provide for it and protect itself. The cat does not say to the dog, there is but one God and therefore you must follow my religion or my practice …. nor does the dog say such to the cat. The oak tree does not say the same to the pine tree…. and yet there isn’t even a mandate among them all to “be a good whatever they are”.

What the opening pages of the bible and many other teachings share with each of us is that “God” created all things, blessed each, giving each himself whatever it was to do or not to do …. put within them all that they were to know and have … and man came afterwards… having from his beginning all that he would have need of before asking as well.

So the question to be considered is who has convinced us … what voice in this garden of ours have we “hearkened to” that has convinced us that we have to follow or practice what any other does or is given within them to do…. or to live our own lives patterned after anything or any “practice” other than what is given within each of us? Does the seed come forth and become what is within it or does it come forth only through the instruction and direction of another seed or another plant in the garden with it?

When the writers share “love the Lord THY God with all YOUR heart”…or “if YOU love me, keep my commandments”…. and we look around and carefully examine all things… including the sun and the moon… don’t we see echoed the same message…. that one is to do what is given within each… that one becomes whatever it is that it is to become, by the utilization of all that is given within itself…. and has from its beginning?

So maybe the “one true God” is simply a reference to the understanding that one is given within each of us…. no matter human or animal… planet or plant… all that it is to have or be, the abilities to have whatever it is that one is given … and that the “one true God” is that which is within each of us…. not the result of trying to have others “practice” or follow beliefs, or religions, or “another god” other than what is given within each of us!!

I personally see illustrated in the interaction of all species on the planet with us other than us humans this amazing and wonderful harmony and truth… they co-exist with each other without ideas of God, or religions outside themselves…. and each of them doing as is given for them to do… is provided for, not only for themselves from within but that which is within them teaches, leads and guides them…

By each one doing as they were given to do… becomes a part of the whole… a part of whatever it is that another will have need of… and doing as is given for each to do is how the entire “universe” lives and thrives and has had its “being” ….

So have we missed the “message” of all religions… all faiths… all philosophies… and the abundant evidence that surrounds us of this having gone on and happening among all things other than us humans for many thousands of years???? Has the answer to this been “right at hand” for us humans from our beginning??? Surely seems so… doesn’t it??

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If I know God, then why do I fear or lack courage??

Q:  “If I know God, then why do I fear or lack courage…? Am I knowing Higher God and living a Lower Life…? Is it a faulty Belief…? With Religion prevailing all over why one does not live for a Higher cause…? Or is saying one knows God just for belief and convenience…? Is God only for personal survival..? ”

A:  Denise shares….

Higher life, lower life form is that not also something that only us human’s factor into our ‘thinking” and yet what is that based upon?

Does anything in nature see itself in these terms? Does the one say it is living a lower life form than another… or the higher?

I love all the questions you ask here…. each of them point out to us a preconceived notion that is often time the result of a distinction created in the mind, then believed to be true based on what though is the question.

Is there any species other than us human that looks to itself in those moments that it might be experiencing fear and question itself to its “belief” in God and see itself as “lacking” because it sees itself to be devoid of fear, based on whether it knows God or doesn’t?

Does the bird say to the termite, why don’t you live a higher level… or say to the termite if you knew God you would not be living in the lower form that you are?

What is higher form or lower form to any species other than us human’s?? Isn’t that the question for us humans to consider??

What profession of “belief” does the bird make to the tree or the tree to the bird?

Does it make any “self profession” of its “beliefs” or base its interactions one with another upon its “beliefs” or the lack of them?

What affect on the personal survival of the bird, or the tree, or the earth is there as a result of belief in God or the lack of a belief in God??

Does the earth have a belief in God for its personal survival.. or the bird… or the tree?

Does it cease to survive or have no means for its personal survival other than through a belief in God?? Does one say to another that the lack of belief in God will result in it not being able to personally survive… or have this or that?

It doesn’t seem to be so among other species that share this amazing place with us humans…. so maybe the question to consider in all of this would be why does it with us humans?? Isn’t that what the many writings, teachings and all of nature itself has been sharing with us all for a very long time????

That within each of us… no matter who we are… where we are born… we have all that each has need of without asking…. that it all has been given within each of us… to be whatever it is that we are meant to be…. and that when each of us, do as is given within each of us from our beginning… as does all other species besides us humans… then we can live as nature does… in the harmony/balance by “default” or “design” or “that which is within each” … as each is given to “be”!

When each of us sense fear… we know it is given in that moment for us.. it is for our protection… and we are to simply respond to it much as any other species would.

When we think that we lack courage… do we question by what are we comparing ourselves to see any “lack” in our being?  If we are seeing “lack” then we’re doing a comparison with something else…and when we are doing that…. then we are denying within ourselves the unique beings that we are… that unique DNA and that unique fingerprint that no one else has but you.  So how can you compare yourself to see yourself lacking anything when you are the original??

Knowing yourself… knowing the amazing unique being that you are… how each cell of your body knows within itself whatever it is to do or not to do… and does so …. letting every other cell in your body do the same… without any comparison… knowing that there is within each cell all that it has need to know and the ability to do it as it is given to do… is evidence of Jesus’ words that the Father knew whatever it was that you’d have need of before you asked for it… provided it… and you’re unique… no reason to compare or compete… for you lack nothing.

Remember… it is from the opening pages of the bible that we see that it was only when man thought he lacked something that he took it from another… and got himself in a mess by doing so.  He didn’t lack anything…. so no reason to have taken it or been fed it from any other…. so don’t let yourself see yourself in lack… lack of courage… lack of anything… and that will help you know YOU.. and know God that is within you as well!!

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Discussions, Questions, Considerations…. what are they to you??

For me, and maybe only me, discussions are exchanges between people including questions to be considered regarding statements that are made, thoughts that are shared, or simply the exchange of one’s own personal experiences of living with another.

I don’t look to anyone to give me answers that I am to simply take at face value or without questioning.  I likewise don’t give any answers that I would ask you or anyone to simply take at face value, accept, or believe, without questioning or looking for the evidence of such in your own lives… or in other words.. find out the answers from within you!!

For me, and from what I see in everything else… all that one has need of, including whatever answers to questions that arise, is to come from within each.

I found it to be a very profound and enlightening “lesson/message” in the opening pages of Genesis regarding the instruction NOT to “partake of the knowledge of good and evil” from another in the garden… and most assuredly in regard to God, what God said, what God would have one to do or not to do.

It had not been my personal experience to have done so, so when I read the bible for myself, and its opening pages shared that point, which had been there available for many to read for themselves for so long, it was and still is a bit difficult for me to reconcile why so many knowing what the bible states in its opening pages would seemingly go against its lesson, and try to tell others about God, what God said, what God knows, or what God does…. one to another, when so many seem to share a belief that it was in the doing of this very thing, that the beguilement resulted, which “brought sin into the world”, or as some in Christianity mention, was the reason that man’s nature was changed according to their belief.

That simply seems to be like saying, something similar to, “my belief is that the first man heard from God what he was not to do directly, went against it and listened to what someone else told him to do or gave him to do, and his actions altered the entire nature of mankind from that point on…. God had to fix that by sending Jesus… and now that it has happened, we’re all going to now do the same thing that the serpent did in the garden, by sharing what God says, what God knows, or what God would have one to do or not to do in this garden with us… as if we don’t really believe it changed the nature of man when that happened”.

If one considers that this one action had the power to alter the nature of man, from being perfect to being imperfect, to the “sinful nature” some believe all were born with… then why repeat doing what caused that to happen today? Wouldn’t that be something to consider??

Each of us know whatever questions we have, can arrive at answers for them from within ourselves. We are to utilize the capabilities that we’ve all been given from our beginning… that the Father knew that each would have need of before they asked, and had provided as Jesus is shown to have taught…. to “know the truth” for oneself… “you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make YOU free”… “if any of you lack wisdom, let him ask God, who gives wisdom to all men liberally”….

So taking answers from someone else about such matters seems to be going against all those points the bible outlines as I read it for myself, most assuredly what is recorded to have been the words of Jesus that so many say they believe was God.

I see no other species that shares this amazing place with us, looking to another for an answer… as their own curiosity or inquiry arises within them, they do their own investigation, exploration, or whatever is given to them as well for them to reach whatever answer it is that they have need of… so I see nothing different with us humans in that regard.

Seek and YE shall find isn’t the same to me as “ask someone and take their answer”.

So, to further clarify, I am not asking questions in an attempt to ‘require’ anyone provide me the answer…. nor do I post to provide anyone an answer.

I encourage all to look within themselves … to do their own research… follow whatever inquiry arises in them…about anything.. and likewise follow what is given within them, to lead them toward the answer that they have need of for themselves.

“Ye shall know the truth” to me is not, “ye shall hear the truth from someone else and must believed it to be true without question”…

What we share one with another is at best a limited understanding, in a single moment in time, subject to change as we learn and grow together, and have more and more personal experiences in our own lives…

So given that understanding how can any of us think we are providing an “answer” to another that is the totality of all that could possibly be known on any topic?

Wouldn’t one have to consider oneself to be “all knowing in all things” to provide an “answer’ to another??  We can speak for ourselves.. we can share whatever understanding or wisdom we have garnered for ourselves along our journey and path in life… it will not however be the same for us all…. it is given for each to know for oneself…. what is written on one’s own heart.. and on one’s own mind….not to be taught by another… nor teaching another that answers are to come from hearkening to the voice of another in this amazing garden with us… especially about God, what God says.. what God knows… what God would have us to do or not to do!! ♥♥

All the answers are within you…..

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Who assigns the values to what we hear, read and see???

A question was asked in a group that I participate in about can we grow and learn from “positive” “constructive criticism”… which reminded me of something that I learned a long time ago by asking and analyzing the question below:

“who assigns these type of values to what it is that we hear, read or even see others doing”?

Below is what I shared in the group and will share with you today that I found by answering this question for myself.  It has was an eye opener for me and continues to be each time that I am reminded about it.

Hopefully it will be an encouragement to you as well!  ♥



What enables us to grow is to learn and understand that it is each of us, no matter what we read, hear or see, that assign the value to it.

It is positive only if I assign the value of positive to it. It is constructive if I assign that value to it, and it is criticism only when I assign that value to it. It can be none of those things without my own “value” system assigning them to each elements.

It is this understanding that I find illustrated in the opening pages of the Bible itself. The instruction to man from God was not to take of the knowledge of good and evil from another.

When the man did, the first thing that happened was his eyes were opened to a different view of himself and the rest of the world…. however when that happened, rather than understanding it as it was being shown to him, he assigned the value of “afraid” or “ashamed” and responded based on the “view” or “value” he had himself assigned to it.

Whatever any one reads that we share, hears that we say, or sees us doing will always be assigned the value of the action based on their own understanding, perception, or valuation system. It has nothing really to do with our intention or heart in having shared or done what we’ve done. The same is true for each of us as well.

When we learn this and are able to see this for ourselves…. that is when we grow and are no longer distracted by first applying values as “positive’, “negative” “constructive” “destructive” “criticism” to what we are having shared with us. We must know ourselves, and trust what is within us!!

So my encouragement would be that anytime you are experiencing something as “criticism” or even “positive” or “negative” look within yourself and see why it was that you have assigned that value.

See what basis is it that you have used to make such a determination.

See how it would be if you said those very same words to another person….. how you’d want them to be taken from you.

It is a very eye opening experience!!

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Picture Questions..

Okay…. I’ve had several people ask me about the picture that I am sharing here on the website, showing the tree lined road, with a person walking alone down it, only able to be seen as a shadow, so let me explain why that picture.

Many of you are aware that I changed the format, (by request) last year to a “blog” format so that not only I could share my posts, but also provide a place where comments/discussions could be posted directly to the site, so when I decided to use WordPress, this “theme” is the one that came up at the time, and the picture “spoke” to me.

It echoes the very same thing that I felt early on in my personal journey, “though none go with me, yet I will follow”….. because so much of my journey through Christianity to Christ was one that I walked “alone” or at least felt that I was.

It wasn’t that I was “alone” in the sense of without God, or without the knowing that was within me…. the “alone” that I felt was in being shown and taught what had been written in the pages of the Bible, that I could read for myself, that went so far against what I had been taught in “Christianity”.

When the “knowing” came within me, leading me to do things that I didn’t even know at the time were in the pages of the Bible, yet I knew I was to do them…… and those that I read that were in the Bible, that I had been taught to reject, and no longer did…. the “alone” and “though none go with me” began.

There had been so many times in my life that I had felt “alone”, and felt it ‘wasn’t good to be alone” only to realize that it was in those times, when I walked alone…. that I came to realize what was within me, what was determined to see me through whatever it was that I was facing, for me to be able to see that what was within me… what had been with me from my beginning, could be trusted and known, even when others were sure that I was loosing my mind, backsliding, etc.

So this picture “speaks” of the journey, that though none go with me, yet I will still follow…. that though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, (boy I’ve done that too)…. and many other passages in the bible that rang so true to me in my journey, … when I seen this picture, I knew it was to be the one that I was to use…. at least for now.

As for the logo I had before on the other site, yes that is still being used…

header_01and this one as well….

Logo5BIts just when something “speaks” to you and echoes so much without words…. you just have to let it “speak”…..


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